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Awakening Arthur (eBook)
[111041 words]


Superb follow-up to Awakening Aidan.

Imagine Arthurian Legend brought into a unique fantasy magic world where a Police State rules the world, and keeps people under control using a mixture of control, ignorance, fear, torture and murder.

Then imagine two "terrorists" trying to bring down this Police State and make the world a better place, by awakening King Arthur, who has been slumbering for two thousand years.

They're also gay and in love and gradually making things right between themselves.

This is basically the sum of Awakening Arthur.

This story also had one of the best, well-written fantasy magical fight scenes I've ever read.

This story has some very unique ideas of the idea of Magic and how it can be applied.

Fantastic read.
Date Added: 05/16/2015 by Seth Payne
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