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Harder & Harder to Breathe (eBook)
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3.5 actually, but there's no way to show that ;)

"This was not only a sweet, sexy love story. There was also some mystery/action, and also an underlying subplot about friendship and taking care of your own. The sex was great, but the relationships between the characters, even the police, were very special. Also, N.J. Nielsen laid a foundation for the next book, and that's something that I'm going to look very forward to. I should quickly add that Harder & Harder to Breathe is written in what the blurb called "Australian English". It's not glaring, but some of the words were unfamiliar to me. However, it didn't get in the way of my reading. Michah and Sammy are a great couple, and I hope that they'll make an appearance or two in the next book."
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Date Added: 12/30/2015 by Dawn Leeper
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