Rites of Passage: Mae West Society (eBook)

36 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 03/20/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-51-2
  • Model: 6495 words

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Heat Rating: 3 Flames


The provocative Mae West Society wants to induct Lila into their secret organization. She must complete a personal challenge of merit or fail to be accepted. Lila sets her sights on seducing the young English teacher...with an added twist.




Lila couldn't tell if the shiver flowing over her body was from the cold or from anticipation. Without her sense of sight, her ears were more sensitive and they perked up when she heard the sound of a husky female voice.

"You must complete your selected challenge within seven days or you're out, got it?"

Hands whipped off the hood covering Lila's head and revealed four other girls lined up beside her. The blonde ice queen looked down from her dais at the five new recruits. Slowly, one by one, she looked them each in the eye. Without exception, each young woman could not hold her gaze.

"To join our elite entourage you must prove yourselves worthy of membership," the ice queen continued.

The room erupted in unison. "In the name of Mae West, we always do our best!"

The chant took on a life of its own and grew louder and louder till it echoed off the cement walls. Lila felt the vibration of voices even after they had ceased. With a pillow case over her head, Lila had been pulled from her exclusive prep school bed. Little did her parents know, but the conservative exterior belied the complexities of secret societies that had emerged over the sixty-five year history of the school. Some of the groups were visible, like the "Beehive Babes," who wore a distinctive hair style. Other organizations took pride in greater subtleties. The Mae West members wore a special garter with their initiation date on their left thigh at all times. Unlike other groups, they only took a select few each year.

A chill emanated from the cold slab under her feet and the sheer nighty that barely covered her ass didn't keep her warm. She hugged herself. At eighteen, she still had little body fat. From the corner of her eyes, she tried to see who else from her elite thirteenth year program had also been selected. Despite her nervousness, Lila was proud to have been chosen as a recruit for this secret society. She looked forward to feeling the garter under her clothing as she walked to class. A rush of adrenaline burst over her as she waited with anticipation to hear what this year's challenge would be. Rumors had filled the halls about the previous year. One of last year's recruits had been expelled for her efforts, when her YouTube self-video went viral.

Ears ringing with the Mae West chant, Lila wondered if she would pass the test to reach initiation. Immediately following high school, it had been hard to convince her parents to let her leave home and have some freedom, but only under the watchful eyes of teachers. Her mom and dad--along with many others--felt some students needed another year of maturation before a four year college.

Lila's mother had gotten pregnant her senior year of high school. She regretted not going to college and reminded Lila of this fact, almost daily. Lila's father wanted to protect his "princess" from horny young men like himself. Either way, she didn't know why they thought a prep school might provide this protection. Lila had almost laughed in her mother's face when she attempted to have the "talk" with her. Lila had given her virginity to a college boy when she was just sixteen, in the back seat of his red, vintage Camaro. And based on her best friend's older sister's recommendation, had been taking the pill ever since.

The Pines was considered one of the best coed prep schools in the conservative state of Texas, where chastity vows were common. The popularity of the institution was evident because the halls were teeming with over six hundred students. Young adult males were in jackets or sweaters. Women wore a semblance of a uniform as well, skirts and white tops or sweaters. Classes were demanding at the Pines, but there was plenty of time for rebellion and exploration of the forbidden.


About Alyssa Lingers:

After a challenge from a fellow erotica fan to produce something fun, well written, and arousing, I couldn't help but rise to the occasion. The short stories started pouring out. My personal friends responded well to the shorts that I shared with them. This encouraged me to share my writing with a wider audience and see if I could truly arouse others.

For my day job I play matchmaker as a headhunter of braniacs. As an non fiction contributor to a parenting education site, an avid reader, a blogger. and two time NaNaWriMo novelist, I'm ready to take the plunge. My writers' group helped improve my work with insightful critiques. I'm a world traveler who has experienced life and not been afraid to get my hands dirty. Presently I'm perfecting my head stand in yoga. And still playing soccer on Sundays.

For more information, please visit the author's webpage.
For more information, please visit the author's webpage.

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