Lover's Day (eBook)

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Date of publication: 02/13/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-40-6
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Heat Rating: 4 Flames


After losing their best friend Martin--and without him to act as a buffer--Maxie and Nate struggle to find their balance again. Lover's Day is fast approaching and a lucky draw at the card table gives Maxie just the plan to test the waters with Nate.

Nate Northampton and Maxie Yearns are pilots on the Apus and have been dealing with the loss of their best friend, Martin Comico, who died in a crash due to a mechanical flaw. After Martin's death, the dynamic changes between Nate and Maxie. Nate pulls back, a little lost without Martin to act as a sounding board. Maxie notices the distance and feels like she's lost two friends instead of one.

Maxie becomes a woman on a mission. She wants things with Nate to go back to normal--and beyond--but without Martin to act as their buffer, she's not sure how to proceed. With Lover's Day fast approaching, and a lucky draw at the card table, Maxie has just the plan to test the waters with Nate.

Nate struggles with the new signals Maxie throws his way, but he goes with the flow, something Martin always recommended. Nate can't go wrong if he heeds his friend's advice and the reward may see his wildest dream become reality.






When the universe went secular, the age-old institution of Valentine's Day took on a new moniker. Dubbed Lover's Day, it held many of the same traditions as its predecessor--flowers, candy, dinner, and sex, to name a few. For some, it represented a chance to lay claim to the powerful emotion called love. But for many, it became the one day out of the year they could hook up with anyone they wanted and not be alone.


Chapter One


Nate Northampton couldn't believe his rotten luck. His four on a quad had been trumped by Maxie Yearns's full ride. He pulled the most incredible hand he'd had in years and his best friend, otherwise known as the new bane of his existence, topped it.

Seriously, how does she do it?

Maxie had a nasty habit of always ending his hot streaks. Until she'd entered the game, he'd been up over everyone. At least he'd achieved his main goal of letting off steam--and then some. The fact that Maxie now had every last bit of his bounty couldn't take his accomplishment away.

He watched her scoop up her winnings, accept a round of congratulations, and down a freshly poured shot. Nate decided to take his leave before she started crowing about coming out on top. With as much as they'd had to drink, the innuendo wouldn't stop if it got started. And sexy banter could take them places they didn't need to go.

They didn't have Martin--has it really been almost a year since we lost him--to keep them on the straight and narrow anymore. The trio, Nate, Maxie, and Martin went through basic training together, started flight school at the same time, and had been lucky enough to get stationed on the same ship, the Apus. Nate couldn't imagine his life without them, and the sting of Martin's death still creeped up on Nate sometimes, but not as often. He still had Maxie, even when she drove him crazy with her stupid, dumb luck.

He'd learned his lesson a long time ago. Never get started with Maxie if Martin didn't have his back. Too bad Nate hadn't remembered the other important bit--never, ever bet against matter how great the cards in his hand.

The woman had more good fortune at wagers than anyone he'd ever met. Whatever looked out for her in the universe did a damn fine job. Nate almost wished she didn't have a buttload of skill to back up the rest.

He'd almost escaped to the hatch when Maxie cleared her throat to get his attention. "Hey, Slapshot…you still have to pay up."

Damn. I almost made it out, too.

Turning around, Nate raised an eyebrow. "You're wanting all ten favors now, then?" He had a sinking feeling she'd be very creative with the debt he owed her.

Maxie pretended to ponder the thought then smirked. "Nah, just making sure you didn't forget what the bet was." She grinned, listing out the terms. "Anytime. Anyplace. Anything."

Nate snorted. "Don't worry. I won't forget." As if she'd let me.

Angling back, he made his way toward the exit. He needed to get out while he still could.


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About ML Skye:
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Currently a writer and editor by trade, ML Skye, also writing as Skylin O'Thomas and Skye Ritchey, can usually be found on IM or browsing the web while the TV plays in the background. She credits her parents for developing her fascination with 'what if' scenarios.

Growing up, she watched a mish mash of science fiction, westerns, and military dramas and read about other worlds and distant times along with contemporary romance… thanks to her mom's reading group--a wild, wacky bunch with diverse tastes that never failed to entertain.

She started writing short stories in grade school, switched to poetry in high school, and got sidetracked by a myriad of jobs and starting a family. But the writing called again and now she gravitates toward the genres she grew up loving, combining them with sensual and erotic romance set in different times and places. Meeting her husband on a blind date--after swearing she'd never go on one--ML Skye decided to never again say never.

'What if' couldn't exist if she did. She resides in Ohio with her husband and children.

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