Doctor's Orders (eBook)

32 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 03/20/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-39-0
  • Model: 5711 words

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Heat Rating: 2 Flames


Paul, an injured cop, is stuck in the hospital recovering. He's dying for some action when in walks naughty nurse with her handy stethoscope. Is he just dreaming or is she just what the doctor ordered?

Paul is a cop who was injured in the line of duty, while trying to apprehend a perp. He is now in the hospital recovering. His boredom is driving him mad until in walks the sexiest nurse he's ever seen. He hopes to alleviate some tedium with a little naughtiness and romance. But unexpectedly, naughty nurse turns the tables on him with her stethoscope. Or does she?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title is a re-release story.




Damn that hurts, I thought while trying to move my left hip more comfortably in the hospital bed. I had been here for a couple of days with little to do except bitch, piss, and moan about my discomfort. I swear I tried not to act like an ass... I really did... but hell... I didn't plan on ending up in here either.

At least they could have sent in a couple of hot nurses. Why were there only old crones? Where were all the lookers? There was nothing to do! I was sick of watchin' TV, sick of readin', sick of sleepin'. I couldn't just lie around doin' nothin'. I've always needed action. That's why I became a cop. I knew I could always get my adrenaline fix in that job.

I almost had the damn perp. He was in my sights at the drug bust until his buddy appeared out of nowhere and shot me in the groin. My partner couldn't stop it from happening in time, but he did get off a round and disabled the shooter. Shit, just a few more inches and that scumbag woulda blown my dick off! Guess I should be thankful that my partner stopped one guy even though the one I had my sights on got away. Yep, saved my life and my dick. But now, the boredom was killin' me.

Well, anyway, there'd been this one nurse who had been different from the others. I remembered hoping that she would be back. The other day, I was takin' another snooze when I first caught an enticing whiff of her perfume. Something smelled different about this nurse's scent. It didn't reek of old disinfectant. It had the distinct smell of... sex. Young, beautiful, and sweet. Not old, wrinkled, and sour. I opened my eyes, hopin' against hope that my senses hadn't deceived me. Please God, let it be...

Her back was turned to me, but it gave me a chance to study her while she wrote on the dry-erase board. She wore a white uniform with pants that fit snugly across curvy, well-proportioned hips and flared at her small shoes. Her top clung pleasantly to her tight waist like the center of an hourglass. Her dark-blonde hair fell in soft waves across her shoulders. Could I be in luck?

"Hi, Paul. My name is Kathryn and I'm going to be your nurse tonight. You can call me Kat, everyone does."

She turned to face me and God bless this hospital, she was all I could hope for! Her skin was smooth, fair, and creamy. Her lips wore a luscious, inviting smile. And her eyes... well, she tried to hide them behind the glasses, but it didn't work. When she stepped to the side of my bed and looked down at my name band, I saw the most amazing pair of golden cat-like eyes I'd ever seen.

"Now, Paul, I'm going to have to give you a full body examination because I've never had you before as a patient. I know many patients don't like this, but it's my job and I have to do it. Are you going to have a problem with this? Do I need to bring in a male nurse instead?"

"No," I blurted out, probably a little too quickly. I'd be damned if I would let that happen. Hmm. A full body assessment? I think I could handle that.

She closed the door and pulled the curtain, then raised my bed to the level of her waist. I inhaled her delicious scent as she stood close again and I glanced down into the dipping V of her neckline. The head of her stethoscope had somehow gotten wedged between the tantalizing swells of her breasts. I wanted to bury my face between them. I wanted to tongue her satiny skin. Smooth, slender fingers pulled the stethoscope out and wiped it down with an alcohol swab. Then she pulled on the gloves. I wanted to curse and curse loud. I didn't want to feel that damn cold latex on my body. I wanted to feel her skin.

"Okay, I'm going to have to take your gown off. Don't worry, I've done this many times before..."

Oh yeah... I bet you have, I couldn't help but think as she slowly and carefully undressed me.


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