Hand Job (eBook)

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45 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 02/27/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-36-9
  • Model: 7823 words

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Heat Rating: 3 Flames


An erotic writer's fantasies become reality when a palm reading predicts the promise of great sex ahead for him.

Jack Reed is a thirty-something handyman and aspiring erotic fiction writer with fantasies about Jodie, a barista at the coffee shop where he writes every day.

His dreams begin to materialize when Jodie offers him a quick palm reading, hinting at sex with her. She invites Jack to her boutique for a more complete session. Her reading predicts Jack's artisan hands will be pleasing to a woman. Their session interrupted, she invites him to her house that evening for further revelation.

Uncertain of Jodie's intentions, but drawn by her allure, Jack goes to her house expecting additional interpretation in exchange for handyman work. What he receives is far more than he bargained for.




"You have such interesting hands," Jodie said, as she wiped my table. "You should let me do a palm reading sometime."

Her comment caught me by surprise, but her pale blue eyes drew me in, as they always did.

"What would that tell me?" I struggled to hold back the sarcasm.

"A lot about your future," she said, whisking my doughnut crumbs away.

"I could use some good news right now." I turned my palm up toward her.

"Not here," she said. "Come to my shop. I do readings on Saturdays."

"You have a life outside this coffee shop?"

"I do. This job earns me money while I build up my practice."

She reached into the back pocket of her tight fitting, low slung jeans, and produced a rumpled card.

"I guess I can relate," I said. "Handyman work supports my writing jones." I pointed to the tablet holding my latest scrawling. "But I thought gypsies were supposed to have dark eyes, black hair and..." I choked on the words.

"And big breasts," she said, turning her nearly flat chest toward me. "All that's true, but I've been trained by the best."

"Well, can you give me a little sample?" I asked, teasing, stretching my hand further in her direction.

She put down the dishrag, took my fingers, and traced a line in the center of my palm with her fingernail. It sent sparks through my body, directly to my groin. She broke into a lusty grin, her eyes dilated.

She leaned down to my ear and melted me with her hot, whispering breath. "You have a big cock and it's going to make someone happy, soon."

She turned abruptly and headed back to the counter area. I could only imagine how stupid I looked. The heat of my embarrassment turned my face into a red bulb. It was quickly replaced by the surge of lust I felt whenever I watched her walking away, her firm ass rippling atop her long, slender legs. How often I imagined those legs wrapped around me. I looked at my palm in disbelief.

How is it that women can say such outrageous things and get away with them? In my stories, I felt perfectly comfortable having my male characters say outrageous things to get a woman's attention. But I write fantasy.


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About Spencer Dryden:
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Spencer Dryden is a new writer but an old guy on the threshold of draining any reserves left in Medicare and Social Security.

In real life he is a handyman, an at-home dad, inventor and web videographer living a quiet life in the frozen tundra of Minnesota (USA).

Like all writers he has a cat but they don't get along well. He can be found at the usual writer hangouts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008150288001

Twitter: @SpencerDryden

Email: fictionbyspencer@gmail.com

For more information, please visit the author's webpage.

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