Talbot and the Enforcers (eBook) - A crossover story of Sui Generis and The Housemate

125 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 01/09/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-29-1
  • Model: 23480 words

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Heat Rating: 2 Flames

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Talbot, a loner--and lonely---hybrid dhampir/werewolf, is asked to help the Enforcers find a turncoat in their midst. Reluctantly agreeing, he meets werewolf Ulrik and things become...interesting, when the team is sent to New Orleans to stop a rogue and catch a traitor.

Talbot is a hybrid werewolf/dhampir. The only one of his kind, he thinks. A loner, he hires out to eliminate rogue vampires. When Antton, a head Enforcer, asks for his help to find a turncoat within the group, Talbot reluctantly agrees. The turncoat uses rogues to trap and kill Enforcers, sometimes finishing the job himself when necessary.

Talbot meets the team he'll be working with to go after a rogue werewolf that Antton is certain is being used by the turncoat. The other men on the team are Dante, a vampire, and Ulrik, a werewolf. When Talbot saves Ulrik from a vampire, they realize that Ulrik's home has been compromised, so Ulrik stays with Talbot until the team leaves for New Orleans to try to complete their mission. Although Talbot is attracted to Ulrik, he resists his feelings, believing that it is one-sided at best.

Will Talbot find out that he's right, or will Ulrik reciprocate? And will it matter if the turncoat manages to kill them both before they can stop him?




"Talbot? Like the guy in that werewolf movie?" The man took a sip of his beer, looking warily at Talbot.

Talbot resisted sighing. "That was Larry Talbot. I'm Talbot Randel. Trust me. I'm not a werewolf nor am I afraid of wolfbane and I don't howl at a full moon." Mostly true, excluding the werewolf part. At that, it's only half of what I am. No way would he tell that bit of information to the man sitting next to him at the bar, anymore than he'd tell him he was also half dhampir. No sense scaring him into next week--or having his friends call for the men with straightjackets when he tried to convince them he'd met a 'night creature'.

"Too bad. I always thought werewolves, at least the lady ones, were pretty sexy when they weren't out looking for their next meal."

"Somehow, someone wanting to turn me into dinner wouldn't be sexy, no matter what," Talbot said, playing along. All the while, he kept his senses open for the rogue vampire he was after.

Rumor had it the rogue was known to hang out at this bar, in one of the seedier sections of New Orleans, looking for victims. He also trolled along Bourbon Street on occasion--again according to rumors. That's why Talbot had been on Bourbon and had run into Adrian and Ryan, who he hadn't seen in close to five years. They had spent an enjoyable hour together before his friends headed back to their home and Talbot had continued on north, past Rampart, to Aunt Blue's Joint.

The man bending Talbot's ear was well into his forties, with at least two days' worth of scrubby beard and the air, and smell, of a dedicated drinker--beery, boozy, and slightly rancid. So Talbot wondered exactly what the man's definition of sexy involved. Big boobs, eight-inch heels, and less clothes than the average stripper, probably.

Turning away from the man, Talbot scanned the bar's patrons. There wasn't one of them who could put up even half a fight if the rogue attacked them. He's got no class. I mean... come on. If you're going to be a killer, at least do it in style. Pick on someone worth the time and energy.

The only reason he'd been hired for the job was the fact that the rogue was the creation of an older vampire, who would lose face if anyone discovered he'd lost control of his Child. "The sooner you find him and stop him, the happier I'll be," the vampire had said. In this case, he meant he'd pay Talbot twice his going rate for the execution.

"If I have to hang around here much longer," he muttered under his breath, "I'll triple my fee."

He wouldn't really do that. Despite the prevailing belief within the vampire community that a dhampir would kill any vampire he came across, that wasn't true--at least not for Talbot. He figured it was because he was a hybrid. His werewolf and vampire parts seemed to have come to some sort of agreement, thanks to mediation by his human side. Therefore, while he had no love for most vampires, he also didn't think the only good one was a dead one.

Look at Lemuel and Adrian. They were good people before they were turned. Why would that change afterwards? The same with Ryan and a few others I've made friends with. Live and let live, unless they don't follow the rules.

He stiffened when he became aware of the presence of a vampire who had just entered the bar. Then he relaxed, although he didn't let down his guard. The male didn't come close to the description of the rogue. The vampire--unaware that Talbot was a dhampir since he was shielding--found an empty stool at the far end of the bar and ordered a glass of wine. From the look on his face a moment later when he tasted it, it was closer to Thunderbird than Chateau Lafite Rothschild.

And why would he be surprised unless he's new in town and doesn't realize he's well away from the good parts of the city?

Talbot took another sip of his beer, his gaze gliding over two more new arrivals. Then, a moment later, his target entered. He fit in well, his clothing working class, his walk more of a slouch, as if he'd just gotten off a job. He looked dead tired and ready to end the night with a couple of drinks, like many of the other men there.

The target, Christian by name, stopped at the bar to order a drink then made his way to a vacant table along the wall beside the rear exit. He leaned his chair back on two legs, holding the bottle and watching. He spotted the other vampire but after a momentary glance, he ignored him. Finally he homed in on a middle-aged man who was staggering toward the back door. As soon as the man left, Christian was on his feet, following him. Talbot waited for the count of twenty to give Christian a chance to approach his intended victim then went after them.

Christian was so intent on what he was doing, pulling the surprised and very drunk man between two overfilled dumpsters, that he was unaware they had company.

By the time he reached them, Talbot had pulled out his sword. Until he needed to use it, it was invisible in an equally invisible sheath slung across his back. "You know," he said, his lips turned up in a sneer, "you shouldn't play with your food. Especially if it's pickled human."

Christian barely got out, "Who the hell..." when his head and body parted ways and instantly turned to dust.

The drunk looked on in disbelief, muttering, "I think I'll stick to water for a while. The booze is getting to me," and staggered off.

"I'm better than AA at times like this," Talbot commented with a laugh while sheathing the sword. Then he sauntered down the alley to the street and from there to where he'd parked his car.


About Edward Kendrick:
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Born and bred Cleveland, I earned a degree in technical theater, later switched to costuming, and headed to NYC. Finally seeing the futility of trying to become rich and famous in the Big Apple, I joined VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America), ending up in Chicago for three years. Then it was on to Denver where I put down roots and worked as a costume designer until just recently.

I began writing a few years ago after joining an on-line fanfic group. Two friends and I then started a group for writers where they may post any story they wish no matter the genre or content. Since then, for the last three years, I've been writing for publication. Most, but not all, of my work is m/m, either mildly erotic or purely 'romantic', and more often than not it involves a mystery or covert operations.









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