Punishing Santa (eBook)

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Date of publication: 12/05/2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-22-2
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Heat Rating: 4 Flames


When Santa has been naughty, who decides his punishment? The job falls to Helena Claus, his wife. This year, not only will Santa not be getting any gifts but he will be receiving an unexpected punishment.


Christmas is all about that jolly old man from the North Pole, Santa Claus. He has a list of who's been naughty and who's been nice and every year he flies on his reindeer to deliver his goods. However, who decides whether Santa has been naughty or nice? That job falls to Helena Claus, his wife. After months of neglect, she's not happy with Mr. Claus at all and decides to place him on her naughty list. Not only will Santa not be getting gifts on Christmas day, furthermore, he'll be receiving a well-deserved punishment that will teach him never to overlook his wife again.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.




Mrs Claus sat on the window ledge waiting for Santa. Outside snow fell steadily, blanketing everything in sight with its icy hand, from the evergreen trees to the road leading to Santa's Workshops. She sighed. She had been married to Nicolas Claus--Santa--for more than a hundred years and no matter what, she always waited up for him while he worked the night away.

They had lived through all sorts of ups and downs in their relationship. Unfortunately, lately it had been more of a downhill ride than an uphill one. She sighed again, recalling how a few hours ago he had left without even kissing her goodbye. That had hurt.

She had watched him as he put on his Christmas disguise. It was the one the citizens of Earth loved: red suit trimmed in white, matching hat, and black boots. With a bit of magic he had changed his body. His lean muscular anatomy turned into fat and his belly grew large. Wrinkles appeared on his fine visage and his blond hair and beard became long and white as snow. To complete the masquerade, he'd added the tiny round glasses. Usually he'd kiss her then. Not this night. An elf had come hurrying in saying something or other about a misdirected package and Nicolas had run off with him without a backwards glance. She knew he was busiest at this time of year; all the same, his behavior over the past few months had slowly made her include him on her naughty list.

Santa might have his way of deciding who had been naughty or nice. He might check his list twice and not have it ready until the night before Christmas, but he wasn't the only one with power to decide who had broken the rules. Santa was some sort of magical god to the Earth children, however in the North Pole, Helena Claus ruled and decided who deserved Christmas gifts.

Helena stared up at the faintly illuminated sky. She had been slowly concocting a plan, her anger over her husband's actions only fuelling her decision to punish him. Nicolas Claus had been extraordinarily naughty this year and he would get what he deserved.

A grandfather clock announced it was six in the morning, Christmas day. Helena smiled to herself. That gave her more than an hour to prepare. Rising from her seat, she walked to the large four-poster bed that commanded the room and rang a golden bell near the headboard.

She regarded her bedroom. Everything in it reminded her of Nicolas: the handcrafted dresser he'd carved, his cologne and hair brush neatly placed next to hers, the pictures on the wall, the red silk bed sheets that they'd impulsively bought at a store a few weeks ago… Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to punish her husband. After all, he had only been doing his job. She shook her head. No, she'd had enough. Although his job with the children of the Earth helped compensate for his lack of attention, this year he would not go unpunished.

A knock at the door to her chamber snapped her out of her reverie.

"Come in."

The door opened and one of the most handsome elves of the North Pole entered. His name was Derek and he supervised the many elves that watched over the children's behavior. She knew from the moment he'd set eyes on her, he deeply desired to bed her. She also knew he was a good man, with no family of his own yet, though he had been wooing the kitchen elf, Brianna, for some time. It was the way of her magic. She was mistress of her household and nothing that happened under her roof passed unnoticed.

Derek waited for her order to enter, his eyes downcast, and his body still.

"Close the door, Derek, and come closer."


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