Christmas with Mesa (eBook)

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Date of publication: 12/12/2014
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Heat Rating: 2 Flames


Fed up with being the pawn in her parents' continual bickering match, Kendall decides to avoid all the fuss and take a well-deserved vacation over Christmas with her rescued German shepherd dog, Mesa. Finding a pet friendly resort, she heads off for some much needed rest and relaxation only to bump into an old college boyfriend.

Jason and Kendall parted ways four years earlier when he graduated a semester early and left for graduate school, eventually losing touch with one another. Long ago buried feelings re-emerge as they get to know one another once more.

Can they re-kindle lost love and find a way to stay together or will history repeat itself?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.




"You are coming to our Christmas celebration, aren't you?"

"I'm not sure yet."

"I've already told everyone you'll be here." A momentary pause carried silence over the phone line before her mother hesitantly asked, "You aren't going to your father's, are you?"

Kendall sighed, shifting the phone from one ear to the other. "Like I said, I haven't decided yet."

"I can't believe you would rather spend the holiday with your father's twenty-something stuck-up wife than with your own mother." The beguiling tone quickly turned sharp, laced with underlying fury.

Every time one of her parents had called this week, they'd attempted to put her on the spot about her Christmas plans. Gathering from their comments, each one sought Kendall as a guest not because they missed her and truly wanted to see her but as a tool to jab at the other in an untiring game of one-upmanship played since their nasty divorce five years ago. As she happened to be the only child they shared, the burden of trophy fell on her beaten-down shoulders.

"I didn't say that. I have Mesa to consider," she defended, quickly losing interest in yet another ridiculous conversation with her mother.

"I don't know why you got a dog in the first place. You know your step-sister is highly allergic to them."

Yet another point in favor of my companion and best friend. The fact that she and her step-sister greatly disliked one another should clue her blinder-clad mother in to another reason she didn't want to drive three hours for an overnight stay with people she simply didn't care to be around. She and her step-sister had clashed from day one and their relationship only plummeted with each subsequent encounter. Why should her vacation be filled with torture, tongue biting, and forced civility?

Mesa sat up, resting her long muzzle across Kendall's thigh. She reached down to pet the dog that seemed to pick up on her emotions easily, doing her part to show support and sympathy in true doggie fashion.

"Look, Mom, I've got to get back to work. I'll let you know as soon as I make a decision."

"It's just over a week away, dear. I need to know soon so we can figure out the sleeping arrangements."

"I will. Bye." She clicked the phone off before her mother could wiggle the knife of guilt in her gut again.

Kendall loved her parents but liked them best from afar. Their difficult divorce had occurred when she'd been in college, luckily sparing her major turmoil as she'd lived on campus and rarely ventured back home. After witnessing nearly a decade of turbulence and troubles between her parents, the announcement of their permanently breaking up had come as no surprise and, in all honesty, a bit of a relief. One could only handle so much arguing and bitterness in a building normally considered a haven for rest and relaxation.

Since then, both her parents had attempted to keep her on a rope, tugging her away from the now perceived adversary at any given opportunity. Seeing the manipulation for what it was, Kendall had opted to stay in the same college town after graduation, taking a paralegal position in a real estate legal office.

The gray-haired owner and head lawyer, Mr Townsend, reminded her of a kindly grandfather--calm and content, rarely flustered or upset. Generous to his employees, he offered up yearly Christmas bonuses and closed the office for two weeks around the holiday in order to allow everyone time with their families. To top off his saintly status, Mr Townsend allowed Kendall to bring Mesa to work with her each day, the dog hanging out in her small office at the back of the research library. Since no clients entered her domain and even the lawyers seldom ventured in, he declared it safe for her adopted pet to stay.

Kendall scratched behind Mesa's ears, smiling at the large brown eyes looking up at her with concern. "No worries, girl. I'm not abandoning you for some silly family gathering. No way."

Seemingly appeased, the nearly solid black German shepherd circled around her fluffy bed before finding the exact same spot and lying back down. Resting her chin on her paws, her eyes drifted shut once more.

Sorting through papers, Kendall selected the highest priority case and began entering information into her computer.

Her cell phone rang. Glancing at the caller ID she cringed but answered anyway. "Hello, Dad."

"How's my favorite girl?"

"Busy at work, actually."

"That's nice. Look, Loni needs to know when you'll be arriving for Christmas."

Kendall rolled her eyes. While her step-mother possessed a few positives, she also carried many negatives that left her appearing cold and selfish. "I'm not sure I'll be coming."

"So, you've decided to ignore our invitation and go to your mother's?" His voice turned harsh and snippy.

"No. I haven't decided anything yet. Besides, I have Mesa to consider." She tried to reason with him, knowing that while it might appease him in the short term, nothing less than showing up at his house would work for the long haul.

"You know Loni doesn't like animals. I've already asked her and she's afraid your dog will bite someone or get hair on her new furniture. Can't you just board the animal like everyone else does?"

A surge of protective ire shot through her. "No, I can't board her."

"Why did you get a dog anyway? They're too much trouble."

Her last nerve shot and stomped on, Kendall figuratively threw up her hands. Fed up with all the drama, bickering, and downright deception added to the callous disregard for her favored pet, she threw her frustration back at one of the people responsible. "That's it. No, I'm not going to visit for Christmas." A sudden inspiration hit.

"You're going to your mother's?" he tossed back with anger.

"Nope." She latched onto the answer to her problem with gusto. "I'm going on vacation. Just me and Mesa."


"I'm going on a vacation with my dog. Somewhere peaceful and quiet to spend the holiday without people chewing on my butt to satisfy their own personal vendettas." She sucked in a breath. "Tell Loni I won't be attending. And don't worry, I'm calling Mom and telling her the same thing." With that said, she hung up.

Quickly punching in a familiar number, she hastily told her stunned mother the same thing. "Nope, I won't stop by. I'm going on vacation with my dog. Somewhere away from it all. No, I'm not changing my mind and I don't care what you told people. Goodbye, Mother."

For the first time in days, a heavy weight lifted off her shoulders. What she'd dreaded only minutes ago now held the bright possibility of a retreat from her crazy life, the opportunity to finally do something for herself.

With a grin on her face, she shifted gears, typed pet friendly vacation resorts into the search engine, and hit enter.


About Cheyenne Meadows:
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Growing up in the Midwest, I began reading romance novels in high school, immediately falling in love with the genre, to the point where I decided to write professionally for a career. However, that dream splattered against a brick wall, resulting in a quick death in my first writing class in college when my professor told me bluntly that I wasn't any good at it. I shifted gears quickly, and left my writing dreams behind, eventually settling on becoming a nurse.

A few years back, I stumbled across a fan-fiction writing site on a favorite author's webpage. I began to read stories others wrote, not only making some wonderful close friends from the experience, but also, really learning to write for the very first time. Here I was able to share short stories, practice my writing skills, and truly develop into a writer. More than that, the experience allowed me to revitalize my dream, as I rediscovered joy in writing. Now, I spend my days off with my alpha male characters, quick witted heroines, and see how much trouble everyone can get into.

When I'm not working or writing, I enjoy working in the garden, canning, and seeing my backyard as a living canvas for my whimsical landscaping, and, of course, reading romance novels.



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