Poly Sigh (eBook)

78 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 09/12/2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-05-5
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Heat Rating: 3 Flames


When Gwen left her small town Tennessee farm life for the bright lights of New York, she thought she was going to an Ivy League education. She never thought she would find love, and damn sure not with two men.

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Sororities are so ninety-seven, Gwen thought as she looked over all the freshman handouts she'd gathered before finally settling into her dorm room. And even though she'd sworn she would never be vapid enough to consider joining one, she had the list in her hand and was scouring the pages. She actually considered taking part in rush week.

The reason behind it was very simple--she had no one here, no friends to keep her company, no one to hang out with, and no one to study with or have pizza dates with. All her friends were back in Tennessee and while half of them had decided to go to UT, the majority of them had no plans for college. She'd just uprooted her life, her very sheltered, very small-town life in Tennessee, to move halfway across the continent to Ithaca, New York. That alone had been terrifying, not to mention the fact her freshman year of college would be spent in an Ivy League school. And she was alone, absolutely and utterly alone, with no one to help her through this scary step toward adulthood.

A few of the sororities didn't look too terribly loathsome, and for a split second she thought maybe... just maybe she could do the whole sisterhood thing with a bunch of girls she didn't know. She could be besties and do keggers just so she wouldn't be completely alone.

So the night came for all the freshman fishies to dive into the Ivy pond. Those desperate souls waded into the night, swimming through the murky waters of college life, hoping someone would take them and show them the way. Some of the other new blood lived and breathed going Greek. They stressed and cried. Even Gwen's roommate had Greek fever of the worst kind, and she'd managed to drag Gwen out to one of the more illustrious frat parties despite Gwen's whining and wishing to stay in for the night.

As her roomie worked through the fray and hobnobbed with the in-crowd, Gwen leaned against a far wall, reading a book on her iPhone, not caring how uncool it made her look. Occasionally, she would steal a peek, only to remind herself of why she had such a true disdain for the institute of the Greek Council. Those devout followers of the golden rule used their sororities and fraternities as a means to get wasted and fuck everything that moved. Gwen truly believed that.

Now, she was no prude. She'd given up her virtue to a farm boy or two in her day. After all, life in rural Tennessee left a whole lot to be desired, and with nothing to do and loads of private space to hide and do "nothing," sex made for some pretty damn stellar entertainment.

But this, the half-naked groping because one had no control of themselves, well that was for the birds.

"What's your name?" a smooth voice whispered over her shoulder.

She whipped her head around and knocked noggins with the most drop-dead gorgeous man she'd ever laid eyes on. They both flinched, but neither pulled away. It was one of those moments when everything in the world stopped moving, breathing ceased, and hearts skipped a beat. They both reached up to rub their foreheads and the tops of their fingers brushed together.

When Gwen finally managed to look at him again, she saw him a hell of a lot more clearly than she had the first time, and he was twice as gorgeous than she'd originally thought. He had chiseled features--a strong jaw and high cheekbones, tan skin, and a manicured brow, brown eyes and plump lips, and the richest auburn brown hair she'd ever seen.

"I... I'm..." she stammered and his smile widened.

"Clumsy?" he asked, giving her a smirk.

And that one little word ripped her out of the trance he'd had her in. That aggressive little observation flew all over her and left her on the softer side of fuming. "Clumsy? Me--" She thumbed at her sternum. "Me? Clumsy? You're the one who--"

Her words were cut off by him clamping his mouth down over hers. Gwen's eyes widened and her anger flared, but as mad as she was, she couldn't deny how his mouth tasted divine and felt as soft and pliable as a warm marshmallow slipping past her lips. She didn't want to pull away from him, but couldn't allow herself to be conquered by that beautiful stranger.

She wrenched her hand back and whipped her fingers across his cheek, slapping him hard enough to make her flesh sting.

"Ow," he said as he broke the kiss. He rubbed his palm over his bright red cheek. "You didn't have to hit me."

"You shouldn't have kissed me."

"You were going to argue with me."

"And yet another reason why you shouldn't have kissed me."

"Tad, are you being obnoxious again?" another equally smooth, equally Yankee voice asked from somewhere behind them. Even though the music was loud, Gwen could still hear him as clear as day. He had to be close, but with all the smiling bodies flittering about, she had no clue who the sound had come from, until she followed Mr Presumptuous's glistening stare and found a golden-haired Adonis on the other end of it.

"Jeez, do all the men in Ithaca look like gods?" Gwen blurted.

Both men laughed.

The moment the words left her mouth she wished she could've taken them back. Heat rushed her cheeks and her eyes rolled back in their sockets. She'd just made a complete ass of herself.

This new guy was slimmer and taller than Tad, but had the same devastatingly handsome features and the same bright white smile. Tad's face was clean-shaven, where this new man had just enough stubble to make his handsome a bit rugged.

He offered his hand and said, "I'm Collin."

"I'm Gwen," she said as she met him for a quick shake.

"I see you've met Tad."

"Not formally."

"She hit me," Tad said dryly.

"He kissed me," Gwen retorted.

"And we're tattle-telling on each other already, I see," Collin said with a chuckle.

Collin stepped into their little half-circle, hooked his arm around Tad's waist and gave him a tug. Tad turned his head and planted his lips right over Collin's mouth. There was nothing friendly about the way they kissed. It held more heat and passion than Gwen had ever seen from two men. Clearly, they were so much more than just friends.

"Ah, jeez," Gwen said, turning on her heels to walk away. Apparently, she'd mistaken the both of them for guys who might take an interest in the needs happening between her legs.

"Where are you going?" Tad asked in a winded rush. She felt fingers lock around her wrist and the force stopped her dead in her tracks.

"I'm going back to my dorm," she said before muttering, "This party suddenly sucks."

"Maybe you need a beer, or a shot...or four," Collin suggested.

"Or a glass of wine?" Tad added.

"No, I think my bed is the best place for me right now," Gwen said, wrenching her arm from Tad's grip.

"Hang out with us, pretty please?" Tad all but whined. "I'll behave, I promise."

"And if he doesn't, then he'll have to answer to me," Collin said.

Oh, the idea of hanging out with gay guys sounds like sooooo much fun. Not!

"Why? Looks like you two can have plenty of fun on your own."

"Because--" Collin took a step closer. He was all up in Gwen's personal space now. She tensed and he brushed the tops of his fingers over her bare arm. "Three is much more fun," he said in a husky voice.

As sheltered as Gwen had been all her life, she wasn't stupid or ignorant. She wasn't naive, but she'd also never had more than one partner in her bed at a time.

"So, um... I'm guessing you two aren't gay after all," she nervously said.

They both let out a throaty chuckle.

"Not entirely," Tad said.

"So what, you invite random girls to go home with you?"

"Not usually," Collin responded.

Jeez, if I wasn't confused before...

"Then why are you inviting me?"

"We have a thing for redheads," the boys said in perfect unison.


For more information, please visit the author's webpage.
For more information, please visit the author's webpage.

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