The Devil on her Shoulder (eBook)

228 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 01/27/2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-946004-22-2
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Heat Rating: 2 Flames


Sarah's smitten, aflame with desire for the young, charismatic and gorgeous, Joe. He's a dream...and he wants her. When the devil on her shoulder whispers, "Do it," how can she resist?

In the blistering heat, recently-divorced Sarah reclines on a sun lounger, relaxing for the first time in months. A two-week break in Cyprus couldn't be more welcome, offering much needed "me time". But Sarah craves excitement. More than that, she hungers for a taste of passion.

An attractive forty-two-year-old deserves some naughty fun, doesn't she? And where better to find romance than on an idyllic Mediterranean island? With clear skies, spotless beaches, and exotically balmy nights, Cyprus is the perfect location for fun, adventure and...well, who knows?

When Sarah spots Joe, she's immediately smitten. Charming and spirited with a stunning, toned body, he's Sarah's perfect fantasy man. But, with her confidence shaken by a painful divorce, is she brave enough to pursue a gorgeous, younger man and embark on a whirlwind holiday affair?




From the safety of her lounger, Sarah slowly scrutinised his body. Lovely. He was perfectly proportioned with well-defined abs and biceps. His whole body was beautifully trim. He obviously worked out or played a sport. Perhaps he was a professional sportsman or an instructor of some kind? Hell, she'd gladly take up exercise if he was her personal trainer.

His face was exactly her type--classically handsome with a strong jawline and high cheekbones. His short, dark hair was neatly styled and his smooth skin was clean-shaven. Perfect. His paleness suggested he hadn't spent long in the sun. A recent arrival? Dark glasses concealed his eyes but she imagined them to be brown, possibly hazel. They'd definitely be beautiful.

Naughty thoughts tiptoed into Sarah's mind as her gaze dropped to his Union Jack swimming trunks. What lay inside? Did he have a large penis? Blushing, she looked away, embarrassed to be entertaining such lewd thoughts about a man so young. She tried to contain her impulse to peep but, when the man uncrossed his legs, exposing a substantial bulge within those trunks, she stared shamelessly.

Squirming on her lounger, she imagined crossing the bar and casually slipping into the seat next to him. When he turned, she'd place a fingertip to his lips while teasingly trailing her other hand across his knee. Then, with a sinfully seductive smirk, she'd push his newspaper down over his crotch and watch his expression change from shock to delight as her fingers inched up his thigh. She'd seek out that enormous cock and, closing her hand around it, stroke the shaft while it hardened in her grasp.


No one would see what she was doing and her gorgeous young target wouldn't complain. He'd love it. He'd stifle groans of pleasure, attempting to keep his face relaxed, as she secretly jerked him to--


A sprinkle of freezing pool water rudely shattered her delightful daydream and, looking up, she saw Jan standing over her.

"Oops. I didn't mean to splash you. Ice cream?" Jan held out a small bright-yellow tub. "It's vanilla. I don't know which flavour you like best, but you look like a vanilla girl to me."

"Do I?" Sarah managed a smile. "Thank you. That's very kind."

"My pleasure. The spoon thingy's stuck inside the lid."

A whiff of chlorine tickled Sarah's nostrils as Jan reached past her to retrieve her towel. She watched Jan flick it over her body before rubbing her short, salt-and-pepper hair.

"Are you done swimming?" Sarah asked.

"I'm taking a break, yes."

"I should think so. You must be shattered."

"A little." Jan wrapped the towel around her waist. "How's the ice cream?"

"One second..." Sarah grappled with the spoon and, freeing it, took a large mouthful. "Ooh, it's heavenly."

"Excellent. I've got mint chocolate chip. Mind if I sit with you?"

"Not at all." Sarah sat up and crossed her legs. "There you go," she said, patting the space she'd created.

Jan made herself comfortable. Once settled, she ripped open her ice cream and tucked in. "Um, yes, that is good. Absolutely gorgeous."

Glancing towards the bar, Sarah sighed. Her fantasy man was absolutely gorgeous, too and Jan, annoyingly, was blocking her view of him. She leant slightly to the left, scooping up her ice cream while watching her quarry as best she could. He really was lovely. Quietly sipping his beer, he read his newspaper with studious intent. Intelligence and good looks? How she'd love to get a little closer...

"Jan," she said, wiping a blob of creamy vanilla from her lips and popping it into her mouth, "would you like to have a drink at the bar? I could do with one."

"I'm okay." Jan drew a breath. "I'm quite hungry, though."

"Are you? Me, too, now you mention it. Shall we eat here? The food was good yesterday and"--she leaned right over, peering around Jan--"yes, there's a free table. There's one in the far corner, nice and shady. What do you think?"

Jan shrugged. "I was going to suggest take-out from that café in town--the one we passed yesterday, you know, with the hanging baskets outside."

"Oh yes, I remember."

"We said we'd try it."

Sarah glanced towards her young man and caught a glimpse of his eyes as he removed his sunglasses to wipe them. They were brown, deep brown, exactly as she'd pictured. She was almost certain. For a split second, he looked her way and his gaze seemed to meet hers before, sunglasses reinstated, he returned to his newspaper.

"I'd like to stay here." She yawned. "I'm feeling lazy."

"Fair enough." Jan stood up and retrieved her bag. "I'm going to the café. You don't mind, do you?"

Damn. Sarah pursed her lips. She craved a moment longer at the poolside, a few more minutes to soak up the sun while watching the beautiful man with the dark brown eyes, but letting Jan lunch alone would be ill-mannered.

"You know what," she said, hastily spooning the last of her ice cream into her mouth, "let's go to the hanging-basket place."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Positive." Swinging her feet off the lounger, Sarah stood up. "Ouch!" She winced, sitting sharply back down.

"You all right?"

"Yeah." Laughing, Sarah rubbed the soles of her feet. "I just burned my toes on the crazy pavement. I keep forgetting how hot it gets. I'm not complaining, though."

"It's lovely, isn't it?" Jan stretched and lifted her face to the azure blue skies. "Not a cloud... Look at it."

"I know."

Slipping on her flip-flops, Sarah retrieved carelessly strewn items of clothing, towels, and sun cream, shoving them all into her bag. Her voyeuristic fun was over for the moment. It was time for entertainment of a different kind--with Jan. That could be interesting.

Sarah's Cypriot getaway had been booked last-minute as a result of much badgering from her offspring, Tammy and Pete. Eighteen-year-old Tammy had scoured the Internet for late deals after insisting that her stressed-out mother needed a break. Twin brother Pete had backed her up. They'd even paid for the holiday--a gesture too generous for Sarah to turn down.

The twins' intentions were good but not entirely selfless. Like any intuitive mother, Sarah knew the teens would take full advantage of having free run of the family home for a fortnight. They'd turn it into party central. But her children were responsible enough not cause too much damage and, with their final school exams on the horizon, letting off steam wasn't a bad thing. Besides, they were right. She was stressed. At the breaking point, if she were honest.

Sarah was in desperate need of a holiday. Tammy's announcement that Jan would be accompanying her, however, was quite a surprise and not altogether welcome. It wasn't that Sarah didn't like Jan or want her companionship; she simply didn't know her very well.

Jan was a divorced, working mother. They had that much in common but little else. With different careers and dissimilar lifestyles, their only connection was through their daughters. Tammy and Jan's daughter, Carla, were as inseparable as sisters. Their mothers were not. In spite of their daughters' close friendship, Sarah and Jan were no more than casual acquaintances, and sharing a holiday was proving, at times, to be downright awkward.

Jan slung her bag over her shoulder. "Shall we go?"


One last look... Sarah peered at her handsome young man, watching him run a hand through his short, dark hair before turning a page of his newspaper. Then, thinking she could peep at him as she passed, she marched for the exit close to the bar area. Unfortunately, luck was not on Sarah's side. She was barely halfway there when the man finished his pint, folded his paper and departed.

"Bollocks," she muttered as he disappeared from view.

Never mind. There'd be another chance. She waved at George as she passed the bar and received a smile in return. The young Cypriot had taken off his T-shirt and Sarah's gaze lingered on his firm, muscular body.

You're drooling, scolded her scandalised conscience. Stop it!


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