Rock the Night (Print)

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176 pages | Trade Paperback | 6x9"
Date of publication: 10/07/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-946004-15-4
  • Model: 36529 words

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Heat Rating: 3 Flames


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An artist's dreams unlock the veil to an ancient love neither knew they shared, when her drawings show up as tattoos on his body.

Let's get inked!

Noah is a budding rock star, but concerns arise when a different tattoo shows up on his body while he sleeps. The mystical images vanish the following night, only to be replaced by new ones the next morning. Noah is worried that the freaky tattoos will tarnish his image. However, when he meets famous music producer, Sid Shady, Noah discovers that anything goes on the path to fame.

Hayley is an artist and an old soul. Living alone in a home passed down through the family, she loves the simple things in life and her job at the metro art gallery. When she sees her drawings as tattoos on local talent Noah McNally, she's compelled to meet him and uncover the mystery behind his tattoos.

When Noah and Hayley meet, they feel an instant connection but neither knows why. Her unexpected attraction to him ignites a fire neither can control. She ravishes him in the park one night, much to his delight. As the sparks continue to fly, the hauntings begin. A bit of Celtic lore, a determined spirit, and an angry banshee show Noah and Hayley the truth about love--and lies.

How can they be in love if they're from totally different worlds--or are they?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-edited, re-release title. There are scenes of public sex.




"Hey, man, nice ink." Sean gave Noah a friendly slap on the back. "Who did it?"

Noah swallowed the last of his rum and Coke then signaled the bartender for a refill. "Uh...just a friend who's getting into the business. Nobody you know," he lied.

"Didn't know you were into tattoos."

"The girls like it," he muttered with a light laugh. "Goes good with my image."

"Oh yeah." Sean laughed. "You're a rock star now. How's that going for ya, anyway?"

Noah rolled his eyes. "Mock me now, but when I'm rolling down the road in a limo, don't be sticking your thumb out."

"Better stick to your day job, buddy. I've heard your band."

"Piss off." Noah chugged his last drink of the night. "We're about to sign with a new manager. Things are looking better."

"Good luck with that. I gotta hit the road. Six am comes early. Some of us work real jobs. Later, man." Sean disappeared into a thinning crowd as the bartender announced last call.

"You driving?" the barkeep asked.

"No, I'll walk. My place is close by."

"Okay, Noah. Take it easy. Good luck with your band."

"Thanks, mate." Noah forced a smile before sliding off his stool, then walked out the door.

A full moon hung in a misty night sky. Noah breathed in the crisp night air and began the short walk to his apartment a few blocks away. The streets of Pittsburgh were relatively slow tonight. No sporting events or concerts had taken place during the day, so a calm aura hovered over the metro. Tomorrow he and his band would meet with their potential new manager for the first time. They had high hopes that Sid Shady, a bigtime producer for rock bands, could get their songs some airplay.

Noah rounded the last block toward his apartment, looking up at the dreary gray building. "Won't be long. I'll be living in style." He walked up two flights of steps to his door, unlocked it, then went in before dropping his jacket on the chair. While undressing for a quick shower before bed, he stared at the tattoo on his body.

Sean's words needled him. Noah suspected his oldest brother was jealous of his higher aspirations. The McNally clan owned a pub in the downtown area known for its authentic Irish cuisine and ice-cold dark ale.

Noah had bigger ambitions than taking over the family business. As the youngest of seven siblings, he didn't see much wealth or fulfillment in his immediate future by pursuing that course. His love for music had taken him on a different route and incurred resistance from some of the family. Fortunately, his loving parents were supportive, though with some reluctance.

Running his fingers over the Celtic knot image on his upper shoulder, he furrowed his brow at the latest Celtic design and, pulling out his cell phone, he took a picture of this mystical image, as usual, to keep his sanity intact. Each night, a new tattoo mysteriously appeared on his body, only to vanish the following night as if it'd never been there.

He believed something paranormal was at play and wondered if the phenomenon had anything to do with breaking away from the family business. His ancestors believed in magic and Irish mythology, including leprechauns, fairies, and monsters.

Maybe one of my grandparents from beyond decided to torment me for my rebellious choice.

Either way, the intricately designed shamrocks, creatures, and knots continued to come and go on his skin. He'd begun to feel like a freak show. No doubt, in the morning a new tattoo would have appeared somewhere on his body only to vanish that night, then to be replaced by another.

He stripped down and stepped into the shower, knowing he couldn't let this unexplainable haunting mess with his head. His band hovered on the brink of a major break. No freakish curse--if that's what this was--would get in his way.


Hayley woke from another of the vivid dreams that had been haunting her sleep for weeks. The image in her mind was too clear to ignore, just like all the others. She slipped into a sweatshirt then shivered when she left her warm bed. Frost on the outer windowpane glistened in the late October moonlight. After pulling on thick socks and a pair of jeans, she walked downstairs to her art room. Pencils, paints, brushes, and other mediums were strewn about the room in no particular order.

I need to get more organized.

She plunked down in front of a blank canvas with a charcoal pencil in hand, anxious to transfer the image in her head onto something tangible. She glanced around at the numerous sketches from previous dreams, wondering what the symbols meant and why she continued seeing them in her sleep. This one was a Celtic-style cross in scroll design. She'd never seen one like it, so she knew it had to be another original manifestation of her dreams.

Her fingers moved as if driven by an outside force, quickly sketching out the vision in her head. Fifteen minutes later, she sat back and studied her work, amazed at how swiftly she'd drawn. Intricate scrollwork formed a soft cross over an oval, all done in fancy script. Hayley looked around at her other works to see if a familiar theme had established. One obvious thread became clear. The sketches grew more detailed with each dream, as if she were getting closer to something--or someone.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

Noah rolled over with a groan, swatted at the alarm several times then flopped onto his back with a sigh. I hate mornings. His first thought was of the damn tattoos. Mornings had taken on a feeling a dread, wondering what mark he'd find on his body this time.

Today might bring good news, though, when the band met Sid. He couldn't help but feel anxious. They'd been playing local clubs for over two years without a hint of agent interest. Their local fan base raved over their performances, especially Noah's original songs.

Noah wondered how their lead guitarist had scored a meet with Sid, but he was about to find out what the man's interest in them might be. This was their first possible break.

He forced negative thoughts from his mind, opinions put there by naysayers. He believed in his talent and his bandmates, despite what his siblings said. He'd heard the same putdowns all his life, from the first time he'd picked up a guitar at the age of six and belted out his first rock tune.

Music teachers all through school tried convincing him to focus on genres closer to his heritage. He appreciated the education and loved listening to Celtic music. But nothing adrenalized him more than a hard-driving beat and the gritty lyrics of rock.

He rolled out of bed, grabbed a cola from the fridge, then meandered into the bathroom, almost afraid to look in the mirror. He coughed on a swallow of soda upon seeing the latest image emblazoned upon his body. The largest one thus far--a Celtic cross in a fancy scroll design covered his abs, running about three inches above and below his navel.

A cross? A cross? He gawked in dismay. And on my stomach, yet? What will this do for my onstage image? It's fucking huge!

He was proud of his six-pack abs. A Celtic cross tattoo didn't seem like something a rock star would have covering his entire lower abs. He tried washing it off, but no matter what he used or how hard he tried, it didn't work. The thing has been inked into his skin by some strange force.

How would he explain yet another new tat to his friends? He always performed with an open shirt and couldn't go onstage dressed like a priest. People will start thinking I'm getting temporary ink. They'll think I'm a chickenshit, afraid of needles.


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About Susan Zoe Bella:

Susan Zoe Bella is a bookworm who grew into an author. She's very humble about her work and realizes that the learning process of an author never ends. Susan is married to a wonderful man and enjoys walks on cool evenings, watching the sunrise from her Loft apartment, and gazing at the moon. She's always been a "moonflower", as she's most productive at night and prefers to sleep during the day.

Her stories are her own. She never copies others. Her imagination is her greatest strength as it carries her away from reality and gives her busy mind rest from daily stress. She doesn't consider herself a great author but she is proud of the unique, captivating, exciting stories she creates. She gets deeply involved with her characters and brings them to life.

As a survivor of hardship and chronic disease, she takes one day at a time and treasures the simple things in life.





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