Shattered Magic (eBook) - Devon Falls #3

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Date of publication: 11/04/2016
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Heat Rating: 2 Flames


A dragon shifter returns to Devon Falls to woo back his mate amid secrets from the past. Can a past full of heartbreak and pain heal amid the power of a second chance at love?

For Damien Dracon, returning to Devon Falls is filled with memories--memories of a love that sustained him until he made a choice that broke not only Alicia Stevens's heart but also his own. Now years later, he is back to make amends and see if the love that was between him and Alicia is still there. But the question the dragon shifter has to answer is whether the past full of regrets can be wiped away for a future filled with promise?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is an extensively re-edited and expanded title. It was originally released under the title Fiery Magic.




Damien Dracon watched the familiar landmarks along Route 98 flash by as he got closer to Devon Falls. In anticipation of being with his family and friends again, he tapped the steering wheel, allowing his mind to drift to the only woman who made him feel complete, who had loved him unconditionally. He had to make things right. Sighing, he slowly throttled down his electric blue Corvette as the town limits came into view. He whistled softly at the growth along Main Street, where several new businesses seemed to thrive. It felt like he never left and he was thrilled to finally be back where he left his heart long ago.

As he passed the Dew Drop Cafe, he arched an eyebrow at the bright flowers along the windows and the steady stream of people coming in and out. Who owned such a lively place? He'd find out from his brother, Rodrick.

Ahead, he spied the Dragon Inn, a flagship of sorts in the town. Even after being away for so long, Damien still marveled at the magnificence of the place. It stood three stories tall, majestic in appearance and painted a blue that seemed to change colors if he looked at it from a certain angle. No one knew the Dracon family, the original owners, guarded the secret of their shape-shifting abilities, per his ancestors' directions, with a fervor that would have humbled Fort Knox. It might have been because at the time when they were persecuted and hunted with a zeal that caused many shifters to die.

Family members didn't grow into their powers until they hit twenty years of age, when they all morphed into different entities. Damien sighed at the way his grandfather had run the family right up to his death two years before. His grandfather believed the family should be quiet, not make waves, and follow any order the patriarch gave, regardless of who got hurt. The muscles bunched tighter under Damien's shirt as anger and tension built. It was enough to cause him to curse out loud at the man responsible for his "banishment" to Europe and the heartache that had been his constant companion for the last few years.

Damien tried to relax as he finished driving up the long and winding driveway, which seemed to go on forever. The inn, also the family home and business, lay quiet. Normally it was a bustling place, according to his twin brother, Rodrick, and Damien had already seen the town was growing, more than he imagined. Would his family grow with Devon Falls or would they fade away? It gave him something to ponder now that his grandfather was no longer around to cause trouble. The scorching, summer heat shimmered on the blacktop driveway as he neared the inn. Sweat dripped down his neck and rolled down his back. He couldn't wait to grab a cool drink.

Damien stopped the Corvette next to his brother's Harley, a bike that exemplified his free spirit and rough edges, as well as the power that lurked under his skin. Shaking his head, Damien smiled at the way the bike seemed to exude power. As he got out of the car, Damien wondered what awaited him in Devon Falls.

As always, his thoughts strayed to the one woman he was determined to be with, so he could show her the sweetness of love again. One question kept running in his head--would Alicia let him talk to her, or would she slam the door in his face? He wasn't the only one that got hurt. Alicia had been hurt as well and, from what he could ferret out of his family, she'd picked herself up and kept herself closed off to others, even the family who had circled around her.

At the front entrance, Damien took stock of the way the Dragon Inn pulsed with a power only immortals or shape shifters felt in their veins. It was old, imposing, and full of secrets.

Opening the door, Damien walked into the front hall and blinked as his eyes adjusted to the dimness of the inn after the bright sunshine outside. The hallway felt nice and cool, a welcome escape from the relentless heat that gripped the town. Damien wiped the sweat that had beaded on his face and neck. He smiled slightly when he spied his mother moving with a grace he remembered from his youth.

Suddenly, she noticed Damien, lounging in the doorway, and launched into a run, laughing as he caught her up in his arms.

"Welcome home, my son," Sarah Dracon whispered in his ear. "It's about time you stopped running from your destiny and your pain."

The joy in his mother's face was an enjoyment he only appreciated now. "I couldn't shake off Europe's dust fast enough when Rod finally told me to come home and help manage the place. What is Dad going to do now that he doesn't have the inn to run?"

With an exasperated tone, Sarah said, "Your father decided to learn to play golf and drive us nuts as he throws the clubs around. I think he broke two windows from letting go of the driver as he practiced. I'll let you be the judge of that, though, my son."

Laughter lit her sky-blue eyes as she hooked her arm in his and led him to the kitchen. Damien tried to keep his worry about seeing Alicia from ruining the joy of being home again. Inhaling the fragrance of baked apples, cinnamon, and roast beef, his eyes closed as memories found their way to the surface: Alicia laughing as she threw flour at him while she helped his mom bake; the way he first kissed her, her face sweat-covered and oh, so achingly beautiful.

At least Alicia was still single. That was all the information his brother would give him, cryptically saying Damien should find out for himself if Alicia would listen to his explanation after all this time. Damien tried to figure out if his brother was going to help him or just give him some puzzling bullshit.

Sighing, Damien reached for the sandwich his mom made and found her watching him, a knowing expression on her face. What did she know? "You miss her, don't you?"

He thought of denying it, but his mother wouldn't be fooled, and it wouldn't stop her from meddling in his life if she felt he needed that kick in the ass.

"You miss the way she smiled no matter what life threw at her, the love shining in her eyes whenever she looked at you? Why now, my son, do you come back to Devon Falls and with a determined air about you? I know you aren't here just to help out at the Inn. There is something else going on with you."

His eyes widened at his mother's insight. Then, shaking his head, he remembered she was empathic and able to feel his emotions better than anyone else, even Alicia. "Yes, I do miss her. The memories here are a bit overpowering, yet I am filled with a sweet nostalgia that makes me ache for Alicia and the love we once shared. In all my time in Europe, studying, learning, and enjoying what it has to offer, I never recaptured what we once had. I realized she was my true mate, the one I was destined to be with, yet I threw it away. What would have happened if I told her everything and let her judge how she would deal with it instead of making that decision for her?"

Sighing, Damien took a bite of his roast beef sandwich and swallowed, trying to get the taste of bread and meat down his parched throat. "I need her in my life again. I'm going to do all I can to make up for the hurt I caused her."

"With each word, I feel your resolve, your determination. Just be careful. Don't think she is the same as she was so long ago. Alicia is stronger than she has ever been and has powerful family connections that can harm you or make your life better. Go carefully, Damien, and don't let your brother goad you into doing something that will harm either of you. Be very sure this is what you want, because once you face what happened several years ago, there will be no turning back for either of you until this has played out."

What did his mother's enigmatic words mean? As he forced himself to finish his sandwich and then a slice of apple pie his mother gave him, saying he looked too skinny, he wondered what Alicia was doing now and if she thought of him anymore.

Series: Devon Falls
About the series:

Welcome to Devon Falls, founded in 1784 by four families with one goal: to find a town where they can live without their special gifts coming to light. The Stevens families were master bakers from France with an affinity for magic, the Dracon families owned a hotel in London and were shape-shifters, the Sinclair families were skilled in the art of building in Germany and were dream walkers, and the Craven families were talented musicians from Russia with an ability to manipulate the elements. They all found freedom and contentment to use their gifts in the new town they called Devon Falls. As the years passed, the families grew and expanded. Love blossomed among the residents and the many newcomers, and the town flourished.


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