Transparent Moonlight (eBook) - Rough Riders #3

217 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 09/09/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-943528-85-1
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Heat Rating: 4 Flames


Colby and Diego fight for their relationship under a cloud of gang violence and family drama. Colby must protect his sister and her family at all costs as Diego takes control of their rocky motor cycle club.

Colby Young and Diego Champagne continue to steal moments together when passion becomes so intense it cannot be denied.

Danger is ever present as an old enemy of Diego's resurfaces and is out for vengeance. And in an attempt to convince everyone around him of his heterosexuality, Diego sleeps with Tammy, who longs to become his "old lady." His heart, however, belongs to Colby, who must swallow his own pain at the necessary deception.

Meanwhile, Diego's mother falls ill, which draws her and Colby closer as they both fret for Diego's life. And when it comes to his own family issues, Colby finally learns what happened to his little sister, which completely shatters his world.

Now, Diego walks a fine line, maintaining his leadership role and dealing with his emotions, which he sometimes finds difficult to hold in check. And when a sudden change in Colby's life threatens to pull him away from Diego forever, will the secret lovers find even a moment of true happiness?

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The day of the funeral for Dave, Jackson, and Giles was a long day. And of course the guys wanted to party in their names back at the club later. I just wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere and sleep. It wasn't so much the funeral that had been exhausting, it was everything around it. I'd talked at length to Badger, leader of the Texas Crushers, and I was now convinced they'd had nothing to do with the attack on the clubhouse.

Since Badger had made an overture to me before I'd taken Chase's place as leader, it would have been counterproductive to attack us now.

Cledus, Colby's father, despised the Texas Crushers. He just kept shooting his mouth off about how we should be organizing an attack on "the bastards." Frankly, I was tired of hearing it.

Chase had made an appearance in the procession but had disappeared before we all went back to the clubhouse. He didn't seem ready yet to come back to the club. He was still licking his wounds. I didn't blame him. The man had his pride.

Aside from Cledus trying to rile up everyone about the TC, I was being pressured to pick a vice president, and an enforcer. That was a problem. The enforcer's job was to protect the president's ass. There was no one better qualified for the job than me. So, guess I'd have to rely on the entire club for that. As for vice president, I would have loved to appoint Colby, but I knew that was impossible. It would look suspicious and not make a shred of sense to any of the others given that he hadn't been with us very long.

Colby had come to the Banni from a smaller club called Death Proof, who got on the wrong side of the TC. Due to some lucrative drug business, the TC tried to get rid of Death Proof. Colby and a few others were taken into Banni protection, and were now full-fledged members. The fact that Colby and I had secretively been lovers was neither here nor there, and, in fact, I was desperately trying to wean myself off Colby's lovin'.

It had been days since I'd pulled Colby into the woods and fucked him. He'd already told me he loved me. And yes, I loved him, too, but I couldn't say it. I wouldn't. Loving another man wasn't something the Banni would tolerate.

I'd been recruited to this club by the man I'd put down in the dirt a few days before. I'd had no choice but to take his place, although deep down I guess I knew it was my destiny all along. A promising career in the NFL was out of the question once my knees got screwed up in an underground fight. That recruiter never got to see me play. I'd had to do the fight so my mother wouldn't lose her house. After that, it was just fight after fight and lots of drugs to kill the pain.

When the leader of the Banni saved me from drug dealers I owed a fortune to, I became their enforcer. I was the one the club sent when they wanted to make someone's blood run cold, when they wanted to send a clear message. There were times when I just turned off my feelings altogether. Now, the only time I felt vulnerable, the only time I felt as if someone could crush me with a single word, was when I was in Colby's arms.

It was the most wonderful yet the scariest place in the world for me. I was as addicted to Colby as I had been to painkillers. Didn't matter that either one of them could bring my life to an abrupt end. I'd finished with the drugs a long time ago and I never thought I'd find anything harder to quit than that. But I'd been wrong. My addiction to Colby was ten times stronger than drugs.

I looked around now at the men and women in this room. They were all drunk and sad, hoisting their glasses up to the three large photographs of their fallen comrades that some of the women had hung up on the wall for the occasion. Three wasted lives, but then they'd been pretty well wasted before they'd died, as was my own.

I glanced over to see Colby sitting with Jerry and Marcel, his dog, Beauty, curled up at his feet. Pure love between those two, man and beast, not to mention the entire club who'd kinda made Beauty their mascot. Beauty was a friendly dog, trusting, and Beauty loved anyone and everyone who'd love her and feed her treats. It was nice having the dog around.

Nuts came over and sat beside me now. He placed a hand on my shoulder. "What are you doing over here by yourself?"

"Thinking," I told him.

"You going to keep me VP or what?" He passed me some nuts. The guy had earned his nickname that way.

I took a few cashews and tossed them into my mouth. "You want to be my VP?"

"Yeah," he said. "But it's your call, Boss."

"I'll take care of it tomorrow at church. Right now, I'm beat."

He nodded, standing up. "Why don't you take Tammy with you and lay down in the back?" Nuts glanced over to where Tammy sat with two of the other biker chicks. "When you going to make her legit?"

I met his gaze. "Is it a problem I want to be on my own?"

"No. But there are questions about why you don't take on an ol' lady. Only natural you have someone. Everyone does."

Great. Fucking great. "You spreading shit about me now, Nuts?" I asked, trying to hold onto my temper.

"No, man." He shook his head. "Just Tammy's been wanting to know. She wonders why you don't give it to her more often. She's been saying it's been months. You got someone else, that's cool. I know you must be getting laid somewhere, man."

Before Colby, I went out for sex, off somewhere, without the colors on my back, fucking all kinds of strangers. Tammy was my cover. I fucked her once in a while to keep the speculation about my sexuality away. Girls hung out, danced, got naked, got fucked by the guys in the club all the time. I usually tried to avoid those gangbangs. Sometimes I had no choice to participate. It wasn't easy to get hard. Girls didn't do it for me, never had. It was just the way I was made. I'd have to focus on one of the guys and imagine I was doing him.

Poor Tammy had gotten a raw deal from me. I knew from the look on Nuts's face that the time had come for me to take her to bed again. If I didn't, there was going to be talk, some innuendos. I couldn't have that.

"It's a good idea," I told him. I needed to talk to Tammy anyway, to get her to stop complaining about the lack of attention she was getting from me. I got up and walked over to where Tammy was sitting with the girls. I knew some of the guys were watching, one of them being Colby.

Tammy looked up at me and smiled. Jesus, I hated playing the role of some Neanderthal cave man, but I was the leader now. I had to give them a show, shut them up for a while. "Hey, baby," she said.

I reached out for her and pulled her out of the chair and up into my arms. I placed my hands on her ass, dragged her close and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. I heard the guys all catcall and cheer. Tammy put her hands in my hair. She was enjoying the kiss. I felt absolutely nothing.

The cheers and wolf whistles grew louder. I grinned at my audience, scooped Tammy up and flung her over my shoulder. I carried her off down the hallway, trying hard not to think about Colby and how he was feeling. If I'd been him, it wouldn't have been great.

I could do this. I could make love to Tammy by imagining Colby lying there in that bed. That would get me hard. And since Tammy expected hard and fast from me, that's what I gave her. There was a part of me I'd only ever shown Colby in bed, a tender, vulnerable, loving side.

Tammy fell asleep in my arms. I lay there with my eyes wide open, thinking about how I couldn't risk anyone questioning my sexuality. In spite of that fact, I felt truly ashamed. I hadn't hurt Tammy in any physical way. I'd given her exactly what she wanted and I'd made sure she got off. I stayed hard the entire time so it was good for her. It sucked for me. It was the price I had to pay.

Could I do this over and over? If I had to, I guess I could, but I knew I'd be putting it off, making excuses. Everyone, including this girl, was waiting for me to make it official, to declare Tammy my ol' lady but I didn't want anyone on the back of my bike, or in my bed, except Colby. It just wasn't going to be.

I eventually pulled away and left Tammy sleeping. I put on my jeans and made my way through the clubhouse. Some of the guys had passed out on the floor or on the tables. Colby wasn't among them.

The sun had just come up. I made some coffee, opened the door and stood there squinting in the sun. When I saw Beauty come running up to me, I knew Colby must still be around somewhere. I leaned down to rub the dog. Beauty flopped down so I could rub her belly.

As I did, I spotted Colby in the distance, walking up the road.

I waited until he came up on the porch.

"Early for a walk, isn't it?"

He looked at me for a second then at his dog. "Traitor," he mumbled.

"You mean me or the dog?" I met his gaze.

He shrugged. "Does it matter? Both."

I glanced behind me. "It's not the time to talk about this."

He looked down. "Let's not talk about it at all."

I felt cool hands suddenly move over my shoulder and trace over the tattoo on my back. Then arms tightened around my waist. "Hey, baby," Tammy said softly, sleepy eyed. She kissed my shoulder, smiling at Colby. "Morning, Colby. You're up early." She took my coffee cup out of my hand and sipped some.

I could see Colby trying to smile. Only I could see the pain in his eyes when he looked at Tammy and said hello.

Series: Rough Riders
About the series: The explosive Rough Riders series features Diego and Colby, two men with secrets-- different, dark pasts--and while both of them are gay, Diego is deeply in the closet and Colby is a playboy. Members of a biker gang, they do not seem to be a good match but fit better together than either would ever admit. But can they survive the deadly forces around them to make a go of it?


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