Artificial Moonlight (eBook) - Rough Riders #1

212 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 07/01/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-943528-83-7
  • Model: 43247 words

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Heat Rating: 4 Flames


Diego and Colby think they're having a quick fling, but life--like moonlight--brings surprises. Can they ever be together, for real?

Diego Champagne, Sergeant in Arms for the Louisiana Banni motorcycle gang, has grown up tough--half French, half Creole, and all male. Diego loves men, but keeps his sex life on the down-low...until he meets Colby Young, that is.

Colby carries his own baggage. He has his own reasons for not believing in love--reasons he doesn't share--and he sure as the devil doesn't like it when he's forced to accept help from anyone.

When Diego intervenes in a bar brawl during a motorbike rally and saves Colby and his best friend, Spider McGraw, leader of the rival gang Death Proof, it begins to look as if Colby and Diego are going to be joined at the hip. Somebody puts a hit out on Colby, and Spider's up to his neck in mayhem. When the Banni offer their protection to advance their own game, Colby begins to wonder: is love like artificial moonlight, seductive yet false? Or is it powerful and true, something for which he might risk everything...maybe even his life?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-edited, re-release title.




"...both characters are interesting...the story was compelling, the sex was hot, hot, hot and left the promise of more fun to come...a short story that's worth the read."

Jessica X for Because Two Men Are Better Than One Blog Reviews


"...The plot is intriguing and the characters are very interesting...a great beginning to the Rough Riders series, and I am eager to read on with book 2."

York for MM Good Book Reviews





A sign announcing that Austin was coming up in fifty miles made me want to cry out with jubilation. We were headed to the Travis County Exposition Center on the east edge of Austin, Texas, for their mega annual bike rally. It was only a seven- to eight-hour drive from Baton Rouge to Austin, but with the way I was feeling, it felt like I was on the road trip that would never end. My bruised ribs weren't completely healed, and riding for this length of time had been murder. We'd made one stop in some place called Oak Island, and I'd almost screamed when I got off my Harley. Then Chase wanted to get going ten minutes later. I suspected he had some party planned later with a couple of large-breasted clones. Most likely blondes.

Just before we left, some big bastards in an underground bar down in the bayou had jumped Chase for making a pass at their women. As sergeant in arms, I had no choice but to get into it. I was pissed at Chase--and still am, actually. It would be a really good thing if he could keep it in his pants once in a while. He was forever getting me into shit, and especially good at taking me completely unaware when we were supposed to be sticking to business. Not to mention that I'd just healed from the injuries I'd sustained at the extreme fight competition, an underground contest in Louisiana where the last man standing always won tons of money, along with the people who bet on him. Chase and the guys always cleaned up at these things.

I almost told him to fuck the bike rally this year, but then that wouldn't have flown with the club, so here I was in pain, as usual, riding mile after mile in the scorching sun.

Chase gave the signal to pull over now, so we all followed suit. The vice president and I pulled up on either side of Chase.

The vice president's nickname was Nuts, earned because...well, frankly, the guy was fucking crazy, and he was constantly eating nuts of every variety.

"Champagne"--Chase looked at me--"you sure the hang arounds got our camping spots staked out?"

Chase pronounced my family name like the bubbly stuff you drank at New Year's, but my name was French, and it was pronounced ChamPang. I tried to correct him a few times. He didn't get it.

"I don't want any trouble with the law," Chase added, pulling off his helmet to reveal his long, ginger-colored braid and matching beard.

I shrugged. "I assume they arranged everything. They left yesterday."

Hang arounds were wannabe gang members, one step behind the prospects. We had at least ten wannabes, which translated into a lot of grown men doing whatever we needed done, for nothing. There was only one prospect. That might have been a clue to anyone wanting to join the club. Chase wasn't easily given to making people full-fledged members.

The prospect's name was Arnold. He followed us everywhere and was Chase's devoted slave. Chase was calling him on the cell now.

Nuts, almost three hundred pounds with a scar all the way down one side of his chubby face, was shoving cashews into his mouth as he watched him. After Chase hung up, Nuts mumbled something neither of us could understand.

Chase punched Nuts in the arm and knocked the cashews out of his hand.

"Hey," he protested, pointing to the nuts scattered on the road. "Those are the last of what I got, brother."

"Smarten up. Stop eating so much. Get on your phone, idiot, and call up one of those stupid bastards. Make sure we know where to go this year."

We'd brought camping gear. Didn't cost anything to camp but you had to pay to park the hog. Chase wanted to make sure we had our own space. Last year we'd gotten into all kinds of trouble with other outlaw clubs wanting to fuck with us over territory on the campground, and the Texas Troopers, of course, got into it.

Banni de Louisiane, translated loosely as "banished from Louisiana", was well known in Texas. We had a reputation for being badasses. But we never messed with ordinary folk. Our appearance at these things, however, somehow sparked the testosterone of every pecker wearing a motorcycle patch this side of the Mississippi.

It was a piss-off, when all we really wanted to do was enjoy the rally. We never came here to do business. We were on vacation. I suggested to Chase that we remove our colors for the rally, but I might as well have suggested we piss on them.

Arnold drove up in the van that held all our gear. He stuck his head out the window. "Hey boss, what's up?" He was a skinny kid with glasses. He looked as if he should be in a science lab rather than hanging out with bikers. I couldn't believe he'd been waiting over five years for membership.

"Is our place staked out?"

"Yes, Chase. I heard from Marcel and he said everything's cool, man."

"Good. Let's move then."

Arnold reached out the window and handed Nuts a small bag.

Nuts looked inside and grinned. "Cashews. Hey, thanks, man."

"Picked 'em up when we made the stop. Figured you'd be out."

Chase rolled his eyes.

I laughed.

Arnold turned and drove back down to the end.

We were on the road again and traffic got heavier as we drew closer. We were forced to slow down. I wanted off this damn bike. I was finding it hard to breathe, actually, but I'd tough it out like I always did, looking forward to at least four days in one place, even if it was sleeping in a tent.

The sun was dipping lower in the sky, and I could feel the cool air on my face. It felt better, but I hoped it didn't rain during the night. I didn't relish floating on the roof of a tent come morning. I wasn't a camper.

We were approaching Austin now, riding in formation. Some car had cut in front of me and we were moving at a crawl. There was traffic all around and I took off my helmet for a minute. As I did, I heard someone whistle. I looked around, thinking I was hearing things. It was a wolf whistle, directed at me, as if I were a chick or something.

I turned my head to the sound and saw two young guys in a sports car. Wow, that took balls, whistling at me. Guess they didn't notice I was wearing a biker's jacket, or they didn't know what it was. I quickly looked away--best to pretend I didn't hear them.

I was shocked that they'd do that, because aside from the obvious fact that I belonged to an outlaw biker gang, I was pretty damn intimidating to look at. I was over six-foot-two of pure muscle, with shoulders like a linebacker. In fact, I had been a linebacker. Would have made the pros, too, but that was a long, sad story. One I didn't revisit often. Sure I had long, dark hair, and chicks said I was good-looking, but damn, I couldn't remember a guy being gutsy enough to whistle at me before.

Oh well. If they were cute, I didn't want to know.

Series: Rough Riders
About the series: The explosive Rough Riders series features Diego and Colby, two men with secrets-- different, dark pasts--and while both of them are gay, Diego is deeply in the closet and Colby is a playboy. Members of a biker gang, they do not seem to be a good match but fit better together than either would ever admit. But can they survive the deadly forces around them to make a go of it?


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