Love's Sweet Magic (eBook) - Devon Falls #1

41 pages | 6x9"
Date of publication: 07/21/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-943528-52-3
  • Model: 6961 words

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Heat Rating: 3 Flames


Jenna Stevens has given up on love and when Marc du Bree walks into her Candy Shop, she finds someone worth risking her battered heart...that is if she can take that risk.

A chance meeting at a sweet shop... Can it be love?

Jenna Stevens isn't looking for love nor does she believe it will walk into her life one holiday season.

Marc du Bree needs to find his destined mate so he can take over the family duties from his father. Meeting Jenna, Marc finds the connection he has been searching for. But first, Marc needs to convince Jenna that love is worth the risk.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a significantly re-edited and expanded re-release title. It was originally released as STICKY MAGIC by Raine Delight.




A manor house in the English countryside

"You have to find your mate, son, and soon. Time is of the essence."

Marc de Bree turned to his father. "What? I thought I had some time yet to find her. What changed?"

"Our magic is dying out. Too many of our children are not manifesting the power that is core to our family. You are the catalyst to bring that family magic back to our future generations."

"Seriously? Me?" Marc exclaimed in surprise. When had the family's situation become so dire?

"You are more than two hundred years old, Marc. Time is of the essence. Our family line is producing non-mages. If a mage is born, the magic does not reveal itself until later in life and is volatile." His father's fist hit the table with a loud bang. "I want to relax with your mother, but until you find your mate, I can't hand over the duties as head of the family to you."

"Where do I find her? I have searched, but without success." Marc crossed to the frosty window. The snow blew in a gusty breeze against the panes.

"Your mother prophesied that you will find your love before Christmas this year. She did not say who it may be, or if your mate will know you when she sees you. You are to visit your Aunt Tabby in Devon Falls. You might find what you're looking for sooner than you realize."

The cryptic words grabbed Marc's attention. Were they a clue to who his soul mate was and where to find her?

"Besides, you never had a problem with the ladies, my son. You always seemed to find a willing partner to enjoy. But those times are fleeting, and you need that forever love your mother and I have together. You have seen that connection all your life and I think you know it as well."

"Aunt Tabby? I have to visit the one woman who has no magic? The one who thinks she is the greatest wizard in the world? She is nuts, Father. With her fascination with elves, magic, and everything paranormal, she will turn me into a toad or, worse yet, she will try to feed me one of her concoctions she found on the internet," Marc grumbled.

"Sorry, son, you must do what destiny demands. Devon Falls may hold your heart's desire." His father slapped him on the back. "Just think, you will be the first to try the new love potions Tabby is creating for the Valentine's Day Magic sale here in Europe."

"You know, Father, I think you're really enjoying this and my discomfort. You have quite a sick personality sometimes." Marc smiled. "I will go to Devon Falls, but I draw the line at seeing Aunt Tabby, since she will more than likely show up for the holidays anyway."

"Remember, Marc, to gain your heart's desire, you need to open your own first."

Series: Devon Falls
About the series:

Welcome to Devon Falls, founded in 1784 by four families with one goal: to find a town where they can live without their special gifts coming to light. The Stevens families were master bakers from France with an affinity for magic, the Dracon families owned a hotel in London and were shape-shifters, the Sinclair families were skilled in the art of building in Germany and were dream walkers, and the Craven families were talented musicians from Russia with an ability to manipulate the elements. They all found freedom and contentment to use their gifts in the new town they called Devon Falls. As the years passed, the families grew and expanded. Love blossomed among the residents and the many newcomers, and the town flourished.


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