Relentless Obsession (eBook) - Relentless Series #3

217 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 07/29/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-943528-80-6
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Heat Rating: 4 Flames


Alex and Zeca's cousin, Marius comes to Capri in an emergency situation. He thinks he's come for refuge but he's really come to find his life...

British soap star Marius Treadway's week has gone to hell. Still reeling from a failed romance, he quit his TV show only to learn that his sizable business investments are nothing but scams. Depressed and needing time to rethink his future, he travels to the island of Capri to visit his long-lost Uncle Toppy and twin cousins, Zeca and Alex.

At first, life seems relaxing and enjoyable on the sun-drenched, lemon-scented island, but it soon becomes clear that Alex's private hotel is being targeted for crime, possibly because it's gay-owned. Then, one of the oldest gay business owners in Capri Town finds his store trashed.

Determined to help his family, Marius soon meets dazzling Brazilian soccer player Crisanto Alvarez, who makes a play for him. Can it really be that, underneath it all, the isle of Capri is a healer of hearts?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title. It was originally released under the title ISLE OF CAPRI.




"Hi, Uncle Toppy." I'd rehearsed these three words maybe a dozen times since I'd hopped on a plane the day before from Athens to Capodichino Airport in Naples. For somebody who'd spent the last twelve years plying his trade as a professional actor, my words fell flat. I didn't sound relaxed and confident. I sounded stressed and frightened.

Which I was.

I'd spent the night in a small, very noisy hotel in the city center, wondering if I should just show up on the island of Capri and hope for the best? Would my uncle be receptive to my visit? I'd called his restaurant several times but the phone just rang and rang.

I had debated this during a long, sleepless night. I'd called his house phone number first thing this morning and some woman answered, screaming at me that I was disturbing her bread. At least, that's what I understood of her rapid-fire Italian.

Obviously I was wrong. How can you disturb bread?

And now, here I was, my uncle standing behind the bar of Café Toppy, which, according to Yelp was one hell of a hit on Capri. I'd traveled from Naples by the first morning ferry. A strange little train thingy at the base of a cliff had trundled me up the mountain. I'd walked up to what I now knew was the main street of Capri Town. I'd asked a few people if they knew where Café Toppy was and got encouraging smiles and lots of finger pointing.

I also got more exercise than I'd had in months. I supposed I shouldn't have felt disappointed that nobody came to greet me at the train stop, but I did. Damn it, I did.

"Uncle Toppy!" I shouted. It took him another moment to hear me over the frantic whine of the cappuccino machine and Italian opera playing over the sound system.

I hadn't seen him in three years but I'd worked hard to keep my connection going with him.

He stared at me now over the tops of his eyeglasses. I didn't expect to see him like this. I'd imagined he'd be sitting by a pool sunning himself, watching the world sail by on an azure sea, some beautiful signorina bringing him mimosas.

Instead, he looked as stressed as I felt. He had a coffee at his elbow and a screwdriver in his hand. He squinted at me.

"Holy crud with salt and pepper on a bagel. What the hell are you doing here, Marius?"

"You didn't get my messages?"

He shook his head. As family reunions went, this one wasn't going so well. He seemed more interested in tangling with his coffee machine than talking to me. He began poking at the machine again.

"I left them on your cell phone. I also called your house this morning."

"Oh." He stopped. "You're the one who disturbed Angie's baking."

"So she was talking about bread." I chuckled. "And I thought my Italian was way off."

"Mate, she goes barmy if I even whisper in her ear when she's baking. How'd you get her number anyway?"

"You sent it to me."

"I did? I must have been drunk."

Well! I didn't know what to say to that and then he asked in a conspiratorial way, "What do you know about fixing cappuccino machines?"

"I don't. I'd Google for help."

He pulled a face. "All right, Marius. What did you say you're doing here?"

"I've got no place else to go."

"That's comforting. What happened?"

"I OD'd. That was after I had brain surgery, got gang raped in the emergency room, got put on life support, received a heart transplant and then found out I was the father of mutant triplets."

He stared at me, wide-eyed now. "You had mutant triplets? Shit." He tossed the screwdriver into the sink. "That damned soap opera gets worse storylines instead of better."

"Tell me about it."

"But I heard you won a BAFTA."

"Not me, Uncle Toppy. I just got nominated." I tried not to sound embittered when I added, "For the twelfth straight year in a row."

"I never got nominated once and I'm a bloody legend," he said, without a trace of sarcasm in his tone. "You've got money up the wazoo and you've still got your looks and you were killed off a big show in a spectacular way, so what brings you here?"

" departure was open-ended. They are hoping I change my mind."

He frowned. "I thought you said they killed you off?"

"No. I said I OD'd. My last scene I shoot up and run off and fall in a river. The Thames. In the middle of frickin' winter. No idea how I survived, but I did it in one take."

He looked impressed. "Nice way to go. That opens up all sorts of possibilities if you ever decide to go back."

"Oh, no. Never." I took a deep breath. "That's partly why I don't want to go back to London. I've spent my entire working life on that show. Everything's fallen apart, Uncle Toppy, and I'm afraid if I return to England I'll go back and have more triplets. Or maybe...I'll become a mutant myself."

He shook his head. "No, no. We can't have that."

Easy for him to say. I'd been a hostage to that soap opera and my character, Rufus Dickinshaw, for twelve years. It was time to move on.

"So what are you doing here?" he asked again, shoving his glasses back up his nose.

"Well, I bought an apartment building just outside of Athens three years ago...before all the troubles started there. I've sunk everything into it. I got ripped off by an attorney and a Greek Realtor, and I've paid the damned Greek government a fortune and I've lost...a lot." I swallowed hard. I still couldn't believe it. A cup of coffee sure would have been nice right now.

"You want a coffee?" he asked, as if reading my mind.

"Isn't the machine broken?"

"Of course it's not bloody broken. I always pretend it is first thing in the morning because I still don't know how to use it. It stops people from ordering coffee until Zeca gets in." He eyed the wall clock. "Which should be anytime now."

About the series: The "Relentless" series follows the lives and loves of twins Zeca and Alex who live on the Italian island of Capri, running a local cafe with their retired British soap opera star dad, Toppy. They've had a lot of fun confusing their lovers...until Zeca actually falls in love with local cop, Antonio. How does Zeca tell his twin that he can't date Antonio for him because his feelings are deep...and how can he pretend to be zany, carefree Alex when he's around Antonio when all he feels is relentless passion for Antonio?


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