The Second Chance (eBook) - Until Next Time #1

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Date of publication: 06/03/2016
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High school's hard. It's even harder when your past--or past life--comes back to haunt you.

Seventeen-year-old Max Miller has been haunted by nightmares his entire life. He struggled alone until Anneliese Keller stumbled into his life on the hospital steps at Ramstein Air Force Base in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Max thinks he's found the girl of his dreams, but Anneliese isn't sure what to think about Max. They do have a lot in common. For starters, they are both being treated by the base psychiatrist. Oh yeah, and they each believe they might be...well, reincarnated.

Anneliese and Max dream of what might be their past lives. Max is confident that he and Anneliese were together in the past and are destined to be together in the future. Anneliese isn't so certain. Anneliese begins to rely on Max for support, even though she suspects something--or someone--isn't as it appears. Is Max the guy of her dreams or is he the reason for her nightmares?





Here we go again...

"Sorry," I mumbled as I tripped over the legs of a soldier seated inside the entrance of Dr Ransom's office.

"No problem," he replied, giving me a quick glance as he shifted his position in the chair.

I glanced around the Ramstein Air Force Base mental health facility. The office at Ramstein looked pretty similar to the office at Whiteman. The suicide prevention posters were a little unsettling, no matter which office at what base. The message was good though. Reach out for help. I felt right at home.

"Take a seat. I'll be with you in a moment," the receptionist called from her desk. She was seated behind a frosted glass window that made her image kind a blurry. It must be a little intimidating to be in a psych office on a military base, where the majority of the patients really were armed and dangerous.

"Sarah Keller," the receptionist called. The little sliding window opened and the woman was visible once again. Slowly rising from the seat in the corner of the office, I walked a few steps to her window.

"I'm Sarah Anneliese Keller." I handed the receptionist my military ID. "Could you please make a note for the doctor that I like to be called Anneliese?"

"Sure," she replied as she took my ID to complete the chart. "Here you go, Anneliese."

I took my ID from her extended hand and stuck it into my wristlet.

"The doctor will be with you shortly." She slid the window back in place with a resounding click.

Returning to my seat, I flipped through the magazine selection. Sports Illustrated, the base newspaper, and a super old People magazine were part of the collection. The People magazine was so old that the happily married couple on the cover was probably divorced. Shoved in the back of People was the Captain America issue dealing with suicide prevention. I glanced at the cover then hid the magazine at the bottom of the stack. I rolled my shoulders and tried not to look at the other patients in the office.

"Damn it, Dad," someone yelled from the other side of the door as something slammed into the wall. "I'm so damn tired of this shit too."

Poor guy, I can totally relate.

The door opened and a nurse stepped out. "Sarah Keller?" she asked as she looked up from her clipboard. So much for the receptionist noting my name was Anneliese.

"Anneliese," I said to the nurse. "I go by Anneliese." My heart started to race as I followed her down a short hallway to the examination room. I stopped and placed my hand on the wall. Inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale. Closing my eyes, I tried to gain control of my breathing.

Issues... I have issues--issues with examinations rooms, issues with doctors, and issues with my issues. There was no doubt that I was totally messed up and probably needed more help than just another bottle of pills.

I took a deep breath in then I exhaled slowly. The breathing technique from my previous doctor was actually pretty effective.

Don't think about the examining room. Focus on determining in which room the ballistic dude is being examined. Breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out...

He was talking to his dad. Maybe he was a military brat like me. I might run into him at school. Of course, I wouldn't know it was him. Why do I even care? Maybe it's because he might be messed up like me. Well, he might be messed up, but no one was messed up like me. Okay, no one was not quite accurate; according to my previous doctor, a very small percentage of the population suffers from night terrors like mine. How comforting.

"The doctor will be in to see you in a few minutes."

"Thanks," I replied as the nurse made her exit. The doctor was probably going to take forever. Hopping up on the table, I practiced my breathing techniques. Inhale, exhale, don't think about the examining room. Inhale, exhale, don't fall asleep. I continued to breathe deeply, hoping my breathing would help me overcome the panic of being trapped in an examining room. Looking at the pristine stainless steel counter across from the examination table made me feel sick. Trapped was the right word.

The door slowly opened. The doctor entered the room, carrying his tablet and dressed in fatigues. "So, let's see... Sarah Anneliese Keller, recently of Whiteman's Air Force Base. Whiteman's in Missouri? I've been there. That's kind of in the middle of nowhere." Glancing up from the computer that likely contained all of my deep, dark secrets, he continued, "Sarah, how do you like K-Town?"

Name issue, name issue, it was like a trigger for me. I exhaled slowly. "I prefer to be called Anneliese; I guess the nurse didn't make a notation on my chart." Breathe in...breathe out... "K-Town? Should I know what that is?"

"Well, Anneliese, K-Town is what we call Kaiserslautern." He totally emphasized the Anneliese. He was fast. He'd figured out my name was just one of my many issues or he'd noticed it in my charts.

"Good to know." Hopefully I sounded friendly. "We arrived in Germany a couple of days ago. I've been on the base for three days. We'll see the town when we're settled in."

Pausing, I tried to be honest and not whiney. "My dad wanted my first stop to be the local shrink. Sorry. I hope that's not offensive. Sometimes, what I think comes out before I think about what I should really say."

The doctor studied his tablet, his finger quickly scrolling down the screen. It felt so invasive, him scrolling up and down the screen reading about me, reading about my life.

"How's the sleep since you arrived?" he asked as he continued to study my records.

Tilting my head back, I stared at the ceiling, debating the best way to respond. Being a struggling optimist, I laid it out there.


"Honesty would be helpful if you want me to help." He dark eyes bored into mine as he waited for my reply.

Breathe in...breathe out... "Worse--I mean, way worse. Back at Whiteman I had the nightmares maybe once or twice a week. Since arriving at Ramstein, I've been waking up pretty much every hour. Last night I didn't sleep at all."

The doctor raised an eyebrow in apparent disbelief.

About the series: Life. Death. Rebirth. For the last few months life has been a series of questions. Is it possible that a person could be born again? Is it possible that someone could have a second life to finish unfinished business from a previous life? Is it possible that a person's unfinished business is intertwined with someone else's unfinished business? If it is possible, then what is the probability that those two lives would come together again? Could they pick up where they left off? Could they start over? Are your ready to find the answers...


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About Liz Costanzo:
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Liz Costanzo is the author of contemporary/historical young adult fiction featuring "R and R"--Romance and Reincarnation. Costanzo's work is classified as young adult; however, her novels appeal to anyone who loves history, mystery and romance.

In addition to being a writer, Costanzo is a National Board Certified Social Studies Teacher, a NCSS National History Teacher of the Year, and a former flight attendant for Trans World Airlines. Costanzo combines her passion for history and her world travels to create memorable characters and settings, both past and present.

Liz earned her B.S. from the University of Iowa and her M.A.Ed. from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Liz Costanzo lives in St. Louis, Missouri.


Instagram: @lizmorrisonauthor

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For more information, please visit the author's webpage.

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