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Date of publication: 02/26/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-943528-60-8
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Heat Rating: 2 Flames


A college research assignment forces Shyanne from her sheltered life and into the lure of adventure with dating in a world of vampires, shifters, and humans.

Shyanne, a widow with twin sons, is forced back into the realm of vampires, humans, and shifters when a college research project lands her in an exotic dancing club where she discovers a sexy shifter called Meat who sparks her interest in dating once more.

Shy juggles motherhood, taking college classes, dealing with her eccentric adoptive family, and work. She finds herself battling for Meat's attention with a cover model shifter, while trying not to think about Meat's nun fetish, and her hit and miss--emphasis on the miss--teleportation abilities.

Can they work out their differences and love one another for who they are? Or will they discover that humans and shifters really don't mix, especially when life's monkey wrenches keep getting in the way?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.




"Volunteer somewhere. Visit a place of business you've never been. Hang out in the park or the zoo. Work at a hot dog stand. Just anywhere there will be people."

A paper on human interaction?

The professor rambled on. "Think of this as a mini internship. You need to spend sufficient amount of time at this place in order to witness human dynamics. One or two hours won't cut it. Instead, plan on four to eight hours per week. Jot notes on what the people do, how they communicate, their body language."

I tapped the pen against my notebook. Where would I go to find people interacting with one another? More important, where in the world could I spend that much time per week sitting and observing without either falling asleep, drooling on the table, or being dragged off to the loony bin due to those same subjects driving me to the brink of insanity?

"This research paper is a minimum of twenty pages, due in four weeks. It's one-third of your grade," cautioned the aging academic with the silver tints through his dark hair. "Don't wait on this, either. I expect at least twenty hours of observation minimum. You'll have to log in your time as well. No shortcuts." His voice lowered as his eyes checked off each and every student in the small classroom before gesturing toward the door. "Get to work." With those parting words, class dismissed for the day.

I gathered up my notebook, shoving it and the pen into my backpack, still pondering my new assignment. The zoo might be fun, but one can only watch the monkeys throw poop so many times. A small shudder raced up my spine. Too many memories of being the "poopee" rather than the pooper in my past. Better skip that idea.

Restaurants prepared and served food. And dessert. Twenty hours at the dessert bar. On second thought, maybe that wasn't a wise choice either. Cake, brownies, cookies, and ice cream were far too tempting to resist for any length of time.

I couldn't write about my real job. Oh, no. The Peace Protection Division frowned mightily on any written evidence about daily happenings. Heck, a whisper of rumor about a verbal slippage of secrets endangered one's longevity, let alone some document. Too bad. It would save time and energy, not to mention I would collect a paycheck while doing my homework. On second thought, with my life experiences, it might be best to avoid exploring the relationship between workers and the famous Enforcers. My heart wasn't healed enough to take on such a challenge.

Approximately a hundred years ago, the world discovered that other species existed right beside humans, had for centuries if the old myths were to be believed. Vampires and shapeshifters emerged from the shadows to take their place amongst humanity. The transition created an uproar, violence erupted, and leaders struggled on all sides to find an elusive peace. Each group appointed their own head who stood up for the rights of their specific group or species. Vampires had local kings who guarded and controlled their territories with iron fists. Shifters divided into subsets based on their animal form.

To help keep the tenuous peaceful co-existence, the ruling government created a new department, the Peace Protection Division, which provided a base for the highly trained paramilitary unit known as Enforcers. This group included humans, vampires, and shifters equally, showing and demanding respect, setting precedence for the general public to embrace. Enforcers patrolled the streets day and night. Regular police took care of the usual crime in the city while Enforcers focused their energies on interspecies issues. In good times, the Enforcers managed to nip in the bud any aggression or violence between the groups, allowing normal people to go about their average lives undisturbed. In bad times, they had the authority and ability to resort to deadly force to put down riots and destruction, no questions asked.

It was on one of those bad times that I'd lost Wills, my husband of eleven months, leaving me a single parent of twin newborn boys. The declaration of missing and presumed dead threw me into a fog of shock and confusion for months. Time eased some of the pain, allowing me to come to a bright realization. Wills would want me to go on with my life, enjoy anything and everything I could because, in reality, life was simply too short to waste. With doubts and uncertainty, I'd stepped forward, enrolled in college classes, and worked part-time with the Peace Protection Division.

A fellow student bumping into my seat drew my attention back to the task at hand.

Where am I going to go for this assignment? Like I had a ton of free time anyway. With a huff, I concentrated on my professor's words. Human interaction. Not species interaction. He probably decided to stick to the basics and a safer bet rather than take the chance of some student being sucked dry if he ended up ticking off a vampire. Most likely a good decision on his part. No doubt the college frowned on research involving high risk of death and dismemberment. Way too much liability for their taste and pocketbooks.

With a sigh, I hefted the dark blue backpack over one shoulder before reaching down to grab the plain brown leather purse resting on the floor at my feet. Puttering out of the room, I maneuvered around students, heading for the exit.

No sooner had I stepped from the cool brick building into the chilly air of fall than the hamster wheel I call a brain began to churn. The squirrels and rabbits bounded here and there, searching out a free meal while avoiding coming too close to human hands, lest they be caught. Gathering nesting materials and food, the cute animals worked hard to stockpile and prepare for the coming winter.

Rabbits. Spring. Reproduction. Sexual human interaction.

The answer popped into my head.

What other place would have more human interaction than the local male strip club?


For more information, please visit the author's webpage.
About Cheyenne Meadows:
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Growing up in the Midwest, I began reading romance novels in high school, immediately falling in love with the genre, to the point where I decided to write professionally for a career. However, that dream splattered against a brick wall, resulting in a quick death in my first writing class in college when my professor told me bluntly that I wasn't any good at it. I shifted gears quickly, and left my writing dreams behind, eventually settling on becoming a nurse.

A few years back, I stumbled across a fan-fiction writing site on a favorite author's webpage. I began to read stories others wrote, not only making some wonderful close friends from the experience, but also, really learning to write for the very first time. Here I was able to share short stories, practice my writing skills, and truly develop into a writer. More than that, the experience allowed me to revitalize my dream, as I rediscovered joy in writing. Now, I spend my days off with my alpha male characters, quick witted heroines, and see how much trouble everyone can get into.

When I'm not working or writing, I enjoy working in the garden, canning, and seeing my backyard as a living canvas for my whimsical landscaping, and, of course, reading romance novels.



For more information, please visit the author's webpage.
For more information, please visit the author's webpage.

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