The Prophet's Mate (eBook) - Prophecy Serial #0.5

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Date of publication: 07/29/2014
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Heat Rating: 1 Flame

NOTE: This is a previously published work. This prequel is geared toward readers who are already familiar with the serial novel.


Before Kyla's protectors were in place and the war began, there was Sam. The search for Kyla's protectors is on, and Sam has discovered two of them. Who is Joseph Connor, and who is out to kill him?




October 5, 1996


Samantha "Sam" Allen scowled at the head nurse's back. She was a temp, so her years of experience meant nothing here at Bethesda. She should be retired now. She could be relaxing in her rambling, old house and preparing for the day Kyla would come to her to learn her quest.


She wasn't. No, she was spending what should be her twilight years on this endless quest to find the group who would be so pivotal. She had always known where Kyla was. In addition, she had found Jason two years ago and Liz just a few months ago.


She was starting to think the deities running this show had a wonderful sense of humor. Kyla was still young, so she could be anything by the time she matured; but Liz? An atheist on a religious journey? How ridiculous could you get?


"Be still, Sam," Heather chided her.


"Oh, do shut up! You don't have to take orders from that stuffed shirt!" She was being testy with Heather, and she knew it. Leave it to a ghost not to appreciate human pressures and pains.


"I heard that, and you know very well that I remember pain and loss."


Sam sighed. Yes, Heather remembered pain and loss. Sam still remembered the night she'd found herself saddled with the feisty, young ghost -- the night Heather had died. After that, Sam's life had ceased to be her own, though most days she didn't regret it as much as she did at this moment in time.


Sam collected the chart on her newest victim and headed to his room.


Yes, Heather knew pain and loss, and this damned job was even more of a reminder to her. At times, the ghost would return from looking in on Kyla, hopelessly sad. There was nothing Sam could say to ease her pain at those times. Only once the job was done would Heather find peace -- and Sam with her.


Sam worried that she might be reassigned at first. Temps often were in hospitals, but Heather was right, as usual. As long as Sam didn't ask to be reassigned, she would be "stuck with" Joseph Connor, the life of low person on the totem pole.

Series: Prophecy
About the series: You never know what the gods are going to put in motion for you, and one family has more than their share of prophecies they have to contend with.


Brenna Lyons
About Brenna Lyons:
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Brenna Lyons wears many hats, sometimes all on the same day: former president of EPIC, author of more than 100 published works, owner of Fireborn Publishing, columnist, special needs teacher, wife, mother...and member in good standing of more than 60 writing advocacy groups.

In her first ten years published in novel-length, she's won 3 EPIC e-Book Awards (out of 15 finalists) and finaled for 3 PEARLS (including one Honorable Mention, second to NY Times Bestseller Angela Knight), 2 CAPAS, and a Dream Realm Award. She's also taken Spinetingler's Book of the Year for 2007.

Brenna writes in 26 established worlds plus stand-alones, poetry, articles and essays. She's a bestseller in indie/e fantasy and horror, straight genre and cross-genres thereof. Brenna has been termed "one of the most deviant erotic minds in the publishing world… not for the weak." (Rachelle for Fallen Angels Reviews) Milieu-heavy dark work is practically Brenna's calling card, with or without the erotic content. She teaches classes in everything from POV studies to advanced editing, networking to marketing. Brenna enjoys hearing from people who read her work and can be reached by e-mail.




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