The White Cat (eBook)

67 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 01/08/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-943528-31-8
  • Model: 13940 words

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Heat Rating: 2 Flames


Erard is a lost and wandering prince, bent on regaining his kingdom. Cat is a fairy guardian of the enchanted forest, waiting for his prince to come. They both must discover that "destiny" isn't all it's cracked up to be, and love can be found in the most peculiar places.

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Erard first became aware of the noise of surf and gulls. He was sodden and cold and this realization brought wracking shivers. He lay on a stony beach, and wavelets lapped at his legs and feet. His boots and cloak were missing, and he vaguely remembered kicking them off to help stay afloat when a wave took him overboard. The clouds were low and grey, giving no indication of the time.

Erard struggled for mastery over his protesting muscles and managed to bring himself onto his hands and knees. The movement caused him to cough and vomit up an alarming amount of sea water. He tried to wipe his mouth and nose with his sleeve, but collapsed on to his side instead, too weak and dizzy to move. His head hurt--and was particularly sore in one area. He must have hit it as he was washed over the rail in the storm.

Erard had two choices: he could get off the beach or die of exposure. When night came the temperature would drop. He levered himself up to a sitting position and looked around. This beach was part of a wild, rocky coastline. At the top of a short cliff stood a forest. From what he could see, the trees were ancient and untamed, standing tall in defiance of the sea winds. Erard might find shelter there, and perhaps something to eat. Nuts maybe, or berries. He was a bit vague about what one found in wild forests. If there were savage beasts he would have to manage, not that he had ever done much hunting. That was more to his brother Dragonet's taste than his. The remembrance of his quest brought a flush of heat and strength to his limbs. He would not let either of his brothers win the kingdom. He would not die on this unnamed shore.

The sharp stones cut, and turned under, his wool-stockinged feet as Erard attempted to balance. The stockings collapsed around his ankles and were soon lost. He eventually gave up and left them behind. The cliff was slippery with sea-spray and slime. It took all of his diminished and uncertain attention to climb. When he reached the top, Erard took a rest under the wide branches of an oak. Little sparks and dark spots swam on the edges of his vision, and he leaned into the solidity of the tree with a thankful sigh. The sea and sky were grey, and getting darker. Erard pulled determination into himself, and rose to stumble into the gathering shadows under the trees.

The darkness swirled with half-seen shapes--faces appeared and vanished, sudden movements in the bushes, laughter. Erard could not find a way to banish the waking dreams. Shouting and waving was useless, and only seemed to bring more of them. A fine, misty rain began to fall, once again plastering his hair and fine linen shirt to his body. The bruises and cuts on his hands and bare feet did not bother him anymore. His awareness of self was diminished down to the need to move forward. Eventually, even the visions left him, and he stumbled on through the dripping forest alone.

After an unknown time, his consciousness began to return, and with it, the pain in his body. He gritted his teeth and endured. Something was different. Ahead, through the trees, his eyes were drawn to a light. He went toward it on unsteady feet.


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