Never Let Me Go (eBook)

55 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 12/18/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-943528-32-5
  • Model: 9908 words

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Heat Rating: 2 Flames


Paul flies to Hollywood for a major film role. Andrew lets him go because no author should keep his muse in a cage. Paul thinks Andrew is tired of him. Andrew thinks Paul will soon forget him.

But the heart is stronger than art and love is not limited by location.




"It is always fascinating to see how two men who have been lovers for years still manage to misunderstand each other. And, as is the case in 'Never Let Me Go', not about the small stuff either. These two are quite the pair! The angst and longing jump off the pages, and I was glad to see each man had friends and people who care about them. I doubt they would have figured it out by Christmas if they hadn't been more or less gently pushed in the right direction -- toward each other! If you like angsty books with men who love each other deeply but are too afraid to admit it out loud, if lovers who believe they are doing "the best thing" for their partner while dying inside are your thing, and if you're looking for a read full of longing, fear of rejection, and characters who wish things were different, then you might like this short story."

Serena Yates for Rainbow Book Reviews




"You know I'll always love you."

Those were the last words Paul had said before he'd left.

Andrew reached for the empty space beside him. The sheets felt cold to his touch and already the bed with its four pillows felt far too big. He lay there for a while staring into the dark.

This is ridiculous. You have a full day tomorrow. If you can't sleep, you might as well do something useful.

Maybe read his edits, check his emails, see if there were any messages... He clicked on the light with more force than necessary. Who was he trying to fool? Even as he picked up the phone, the screen opened to a window tracking Paul's flight. He'd told himself that setting up the flight tracker was simply concern. Paul had called him from the airport already and there was no reason to suppose that by now he wasn't mid Atlantic. It was unreasonable to hope that the flight might have been delayed, that Paul might have turned back. And given up the chance he's been working for, that you urged him to accept?

With a sigh Andrew closed the screen. They had said their farewells last night, agreed that Andrew shouldn't drive Paul to the airport, that they should accept the hand life had dealt them and not linger over painful farewells. It was only for three months, they had told each other, hardly any time at all. Andrew could finish term; finish the edits for his book. Paul would be home for Christmas. "Before you have time to miss me," Paul had said, turning away so that Andrew couldn't read the hurt in his eyes.

They had vowed to make it easy on each other.

Why then did Andrew feel like a part of his soul had been torn out, that he should never have let Paul go?

Because, the voice whispered in his thoughts, you owed it to him to set him free. He is his own man, not yours, and you should remember the good times. Let the eagle fly the nest, not seek to bind him to you.

Paul's words echoed in his head.

"You know I'll always love you."

They'd sounded like goodbye. Paul had been alight with this new opportunity.

Nothing ever stays the same--and why didn't I hold on to happiness while I had it?

Six months ago in the late stirrings of an English spring, it had all started. Paul had taken Andrew to a party to meet the director and the cast of his latest play. Andrew had sat, nursing a glass of excellent whisky in one of London's most exclusive bars, watching the young director and cast light up like flames as they all talked about this play that would make their names. They had been so kind to Andrew--deferential even--complimenting him on his latest book review. But even so, he had felt that this was a part of his lover's life that was--if not closed to him--a door through which he should not pass.

And now, of course, the inevitable film offer beckoned and Paul was leaving him. Paul had talent to burn and only a jealous man would have denied him the chance to shine.

Andrew closed the screen before he would be tempted to check for tweets, texts, anything. He bunched the pillow under his head then switched out the light. This was only the first night. Tomorrow would be easier. To cry would be selfish and stupid. To cry would deny the love they had. To cry would be to acknowledge his fear that Paul might never come home. Make it happen, even.


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