Horse of Bells (eBook)

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Date of publication: 02/12/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-943528-27-1
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Heat Rating: 2 Flames


A legendary horse, magic, and a man shrouded in mystery. Who can he trust? Caolan risks both his heart and his life to uncover the truth.

When his life is saved by a stranger, Prince Caolan feels an immediate connection to the man, and promises to meet him again. Forced to break that promise to protect his brother Donal, Caolan waits for the day he can return to the forest.

On their trip home almost a year later, he and Donal are tricked by their stepmother into attempting to steal the legendary Horse of Bells from the infamous Dark Prince Tuathal. Honour-bound to accept the geis she set them, the brothers leave their castle to complete the quest.

During their journey, they meet the enigmatic Traveller. Caolan is confused and troubled by his reaction to the man. Is he a friend, or are his intentions darker and more deadly?

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"Somerled, I ask you to make me one promise for after I'm gone." Fidelma spoke quietly, but with an air of authority even from her deathbed.

The face of the man at her bedside was pale and pinched, and he gazed at her with pain in his eyes.

"I know I will not live. I also know just how much comfort my cousin Doireann has been offering you these last twelve months. I understand your need and I know how cunning and beautiful Doireann is. Therefore I have this one request."

A flush passed swiftly across Somerled's cheeks. "Whatever it is, I will do all I can to fulfil it, Fidelma," he replied. "You are still my queen, my wife, and the mother of my two sons. If there is any wish of yours I can grant, then I will."

"Donal succeeds you after his twenty-first birthday. He is still a year and a half away from safety. Send him and Caolan away, somewhere Doireann does not know. She cannot bear children of her own, and she treats her nephew Galvin, the son of her dead sister and brother-in-law, as if he were her child. She would see him crowned over Donal." Fidelma ignored the shocked look on her husband's face.

"Although I think your fear unfounded, it is your dying wish and I will do what I can," Somerled assured her.

"Thank you. Now I know you have things to do. The physician will be here soon, and I am tiring," Fidelma said as she closed her eyes.

"I will call back later," he promised.

Somerled pressed a kiss to her cheek, and she watched her husband leave, and sighed. She was dying, and the physicians could do nothing for her. Once that fact had been known, Doireann had instantly come to offer her support to Somerled. Fidelma knew the other woman wanted to install herself as the second queen and had no doubt Somerled would announce his engagement soon after her funeral.

In the dark recesses of Fidelma's mind she feared Doireann had engineered the death of Galvin's parents to make the child her own. Galvin could be a good enough young man if he was not so easily swayed by his scheming aunt.

She could only hope and pray Somerled sent their children to safety as she'd asked. I must try and speak of my wish to Donal. If he thinks there is danger, he will act.

The door opened even as her visitor tapped on it, and Doireann entered smiling. "How do you feel, my dear cousin?"

"Not so badly. I'm surprised you're here and not with Somerled." Despite her weakness, Fidelma strove to infuse her voice with strength and derision. She took perverse pleasure from the way Doireann's smile vanished.


"Please do not insult me, cousin." Fidelma sat a little straighter and rolled her eyes before glancing at Doireann.

"Very well. Somerled has already discussed a date for our marriage. A short mourning period, and then we will have a small wedding. Just select guests in deference to your regrettable passing."

"A shame for you that Somerled's reign comes to an end so soon after you achieve your desire of becoming a queen." Fidelma smiled to herself at the black look from Doireann.

"My reign is only beginning. Somerled regards me with desire in his eyes and has for some time."

Doireann's smirk was back full force, but Fidelma didn't let the words hurt her. They only confirmed what she'd known for some time. Somerled was weak in that regard, but he'd never been unfaithful. He'd have a new queen with undue haste, and she could forgive him that. But her sons were a different matter altogether.

"Somerled regards many women at court with desire in his eyes, as you will find out for yourself, Doireann. Do not fool yourself into thinking your feminine wiles are the only reason he looks at you."

This time Doireann glared back at Fidelma with undisguised hatred. "He will not look at others when I wed him."

Fidelma didn't waste her breath with an argument. She knew Somerled too well. He liked women. Her own advantage had been that of being mother to Somerled's sons. But now Donal was a man and soon to take the crown. Her regret was not to be able to see Caolan attain manhood. As much as she wished for it, she knew her body too well. Her time was fast running out.

"Donal will take the throne from his father. He will be a good king, with the right consort at his side. Enjoy your enforced retirement when it comes." Fidelma reached for a cup of water as a coughing fit caught her breath.

With an exaggerated sweep of her hands and an indulgent smile, Doireann picked up the silver decanter and poured some water into the crystal goblet. "You know, Caolan is very much your son, just as Donal is Somerled's. I could mold Donal, not as easily as I will Somerled, but eventually, I would find sufficient persuasion. Donal may have the brawn, but 'tis Caolan who has the brains."

"Neither will fall for your tricks." Fidelma set down her glass.

"Oh, my poor deluded cousin." Doireann laughed aloud. "I have spent years using a variety of ways to get men to do my bidding and get me what I wanted. Donal would be no different. Leastwise without Caolan at his side. Did you truly believe my two, dearly departed husbands died naturally?"

A twisting pain in her stomach made Fidelma gasp, and she looked quickly at the glass of water Doireann had poured. "Poison?"

"In your case. In theirs, something different, but just as fatal." Doireann cackled. "Somerled is safe for now. I'm happy to help him following your death. But as to his succession, 'twill not be your bloodline but mine. No one will question your death, cousin. I will weep many tears at your passing, a useful ploy when dealing with men."

Twisting desperately, Fidelma tried to reach her bell to ring for help, but it was out of her reach as the pains increased in intensity. As blackness engulfed her, Fidelma's last thought was a prayer for the safety of her sons.


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Living in clean, green New Zealand, Pelaam is a multi-published author of gay romance and erotic books. When not busy writing she can be found indulging in her other passions of cookery and wine appreciation.

Pelaam's book "Breath of the Feathered Serpent" is a finalist for the 2014 Rainbow Awards in Gay futuristic/sci-fi. "Bedazzled" and "Firebird" were a combined finalist for the Rainbow Awards in Gay futuristic/sci-fi 2013.

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