Haunted by the Past (eBook) - Demonica Universe #5

112 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 04/01/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-943528-26-4
  • Model: 21628 words

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Heat Rating: 2 Flames


Jared doesn't believe in ghosts or love, until he moves into his new house and finds both.

Finding a house that suits him, Jared makes the move to reclaim his independence. However, he doesn't expect to find himself both attracted to and concerned for the almost-reclusive gardener, Evander. Jared believes Evander is hiding an eating disorder.

But the appearance of old photographs and love letters in the house cause him to wonder about the stoic man. As their friendship becomes more, he wants to help and uncover the secrets he knows Evander is hiding.

Each of them is haunted by something, and it's not the house. When a ghost from Jared's past appears, they must fight for their own happiness, even if it means exposing themselves and the truth.

NOTE: This is an extensively re-edited and expanded re-issue.

"The 'Demonica Universe' is populated with a diverse group of supernatural beings. There were angels and demons in book one, more demons in book two, a lust demon and lycans in book three, and vampires in book four. Quite an imaginative world! [snip] If you like to see abused men find their feet and return to a normal life, if you want to know more about a human discovering there is more to the rumors about supernaturals than he expected, and if you're looking for a read that is mysterious, suspenseful, and romantic, then you will probably like this novella."

Serena Yates for Rainbow Book Reviews



Leading the way along the meandering path, Jared stopped and indicated the old, three story villa. "Ta-da. Well, there she is. What do you think?"

"Are you kidding me? You're going to rent this pile?" Sam's eyes were like saucers, but Jared nodded. It's not the reaction I really wanted, but then, even I can't deny the house has seen better days and is in need of some TLC. Much like myself really. Maybe that's what drew me to it.

"The inside looks much better. The rooms are actually in good condition. There's plenty of space on the top floor. I'm going to make that whole area my work studio. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one of which has one of those huge, claw foot baths. Downstairs has a huge kitchen, dining room, a study, as well as two living rooms, and another small bathroom off the kitchen." Jared glanced at Sam, aware he sounded like the estate agent. I can't explain it. I just really like the place. Despite its appearance.

Planting his hands on his hips, Sam pursed his lips as he gave the house a long, hard stare. "It looks like it would be a home away from home for the Addams family, or the inhabitants from the Bates Motel. The grounds look well maintained though. What's the story there?"

Jaden grinned at Sam. If his friend was asking questions, all wasn't lost. "There's a neighbourhood handyman, gardener, whatever. He looks after a few places around here. In fact, it's a stipulation of the rental that I don't do anything in the gardens myself."

"What happened to the last owner?"

"Old guy. He died. No family wanted to come out here. They just want to rent it out. I'm getting it at a bargain price for its size."

"I could see Count Dracula opening the door to you," Sam said.

Gazing at the house, Jared admitted Sam was right. The house did look like something out of a Gothic horror. Three steps led up to a battered veranda with four columns supporting a weather-beaten roof. Some of the shutters needed securing, but the rent was cheap, and the owners had agreed that any essential repair work would be done.

Despite its tired appearance, the house called to him. He knew to admit as much would only convince his friend of his idiocy in wanting to have it. But he needed to stand on his own two feet, and he wanted the distance from town. This locale in the suburbs was perfect. Shops were only a ten minute drive away, and included everything he'd need apart from his art supplies. But he intended to bring all of those with him.

The only stipulations the owners had made were that the mausoleum at the far end of the garden was to be left alone, he didn't have permission to use the basement, and he couldn't replace the gardener. None of those were contentious issues. He had no interest in the mausoleum, hated basements, and couldn't garden to save his life.

From a personal perspective, living somewhere on his own was a huge step forward. Up until he'd seen the house, taking the step hadn't felt right. Now it did. Looking up, he frowned. For a second, he thought he'd seen movement and the face of someone peering down from the window in the left turret.

"Changing your mind?"

Jared glanced back at Sam. "No." When he looked at the turret again, there was nothing in the window. Sunlight and shadows. As an artist I should know that.

"Look, you know we just worry, right?" Sam's voice turned soft and he gently squeezed Jared's arm.

"I know. I can't explain it. The house just feels--right. Right location, good shops nearby, close to one of the reserves, and not far from the beach. It's time I stopped hiding away. But here I get the best of both worlds. I can get out and about, but without worrying about crowds."

"I wish you'd said something sooner." Sam shook his head.

"I fell into the same trap so many victims of abuse do. I let him get away with it at the start." Jared stared at his hands.

His left little finger was slightly twisted, but nothing major. Thank God I'm right-handed. Every one: he broke every single one of my fingers that night. I never used to be nervous in groups of people. Was never nervous. But that me was a lifetime ago.


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Living in clean, green New Zealand, Pelaam is a multi-published author of gay romance and erotic books. When not busy writing she can be found indulging in her other passions of cookery and wine appreciation.

Pelaam's book "Breath of the Feathered Serpent" is a finalist for the 2014 Rainbow Awards in Gay futuristic/sci-fi. "Bedazzled" and "Firebird" were a combined finalist for the Rainbow Awards in Gay futuristic/sci-fi 2013.

She can be found on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pamela.pelaamone--with an author page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pelaam/1467778320131583?ref=hl--and a full list of her published works are on Lazy Beagle Entertainment. Readers can email her at pelaam@hotmail.com.

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