First Sight (eBook)

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Date of publication: 10/30/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-943528-03-5
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Heat Rating: 5 Flames


Niko Delray, is a vampire that enjoys a life of wealth and sex with multiple men. When Niko meets Jordan, it's love at first sight. However, Jordan's love for women has Niko wondering what he could do to expand Jordan's experiences.

As a vampire, Niko Delray has lived a long time. He enjoys a life filled with profitable businesses and sex with multiple humans...but lately loneliness has begun to overtake him. Tired of the ritual of bringing strangers to his bed, Niko longs to have a lover to share his long life with. After meeting Jordan Hunter, Niko feels he has met his mate. Though he and Jordan share many likes, Jordan has only enjoyed the company of women in his bed. As their friendship grows, Niko wonders what he has to do to be than just friends with Jordan.




Niko pulled into the garage of his building. He took the long elevator ride to his penthouse apartment and smiled when Marshall pulled the door open to greet him.

"Good evening, sir. Everything at the clubs to your satisfaction, I take it?"

"Indeed it was, Marshall. You run the businesses as well as you run my home."

Marshall picked up step beside him. "Thank you, sir. I took the liberty of getting someone for you tonight. I think you will be pleased with him. He is very handsome, young, and strong. I have already given him the wine to lull him. He waits in your bedroom."

"You're a good man, Marshall," he said clapping his servant on the back.

Niko continued to his bedroom as Marshall turned down a corridor. Niko opened the door and inspected the naked man lying across his bed. Closing the door, Niko walked across the room and disrobed before he sat beside him.

"Suck my cock," Niko demanded.

Immediately the man moved to the floor to kneel between Niko's legs. Niko was not impressed by his obedience. They always did what they were told while under the influence of the wine. Niko gripped the man's head to guide him and to touch his mind. He knew immediately why Marshall decided to drug this night's chosen lover. This man preferred the company of women in his bed. Niko saw many of the man's recent memories and grinned. The young man had great prowess and pounded his lover's pussy lustfully, bringing both of them great pleasure. The women screamed the name Mark over and over before they came.

Niko left Mark's mind to watch him work on his dick. Mark did it just the way Niko liked guided by Niko's mind. It was good, but only because of the act itself. Niko longed for a responsive lover. Someone who would take the initiative and suck his cock wildly. Someone who would moan shamelessly when the urge to give Niko head came over him. A lover who not only would welcome his powerful thrusts but look forward to them. Someone whose eyes were filled with desire at the anticipation of his touch. Though he'd had men before in his bed that enjoyed being fucked by other men it still wasn't the same. Those men would take any man to their beds. Though he enjoyed it for what it was, that was not the type of man he wanted in his life for eternity.

As Mark continued to pull on Niko's cock, his melancholy grew. Soon Mark would lift his ass, offering it to Niko for his pleasure, but there would be no passion in his actions. It would all be mechanical and puppet-like with Mark just like it was with so many other lovers Niko had had for far too long. Frustration and sudden anger welled up inside him along with the need to feed. He pushed Mark from his lap causing his cock to spring free.

"Get on the bed," he commanded.

Mark climbed to the top of the bed obediently, lying on his back. Niko looked down at the blank expression on Mark's face as he waited for further instruction. A new wave of annoyance came over him when Mark's flaccid penis caught his eye. Frowning, Niko flipped Mark roughly to his stomach. Hoisting him to his knees, he spread Mark's cheeks and found his ass already slick with lube. Silently thanking Marshall, Niko shoved his cock into Mark's hole without hesitation. Almost violently, Niko pounded Mark's sphincter to force his own climax to the surface.

It was out of character for Niko to take a lover so unceremoniously and rough, but his irritated state of mind refused to let him relent. His only solace was he knew the man would not remember anything of his time with Niko. The wine would see to that. Mark grunted from the force of Niko's drives. Niko spotted the throbbing vein on Mark's throat and moved faster. Moments later, Niko shot his load into Mark's tight tunnel then sank his teeth into the pulsing vein with a muffled growl.

Thick, hot blood slid down his throat electrifying and replenishing him. His dick trembled with desire and relief as he drank. Once Niko had enough to sustain him he let Mark's drained body fall unconscious to the bed. Niko rolled onto the bed, pushing Mark to the other end. He stared at the ceiling for long moments catching his breath before leaving the bed.

"Marshall!" he called into the hallway.

"Yes, sir," the man answered, entering the room a short time later.

"Have him returned to where you found him," Niko said with a flippant wave indicating the man in his bed.

With a nod, Marshall lifted the man from the bed and left the room. Niko slipped into his robe and paced the floors. Though his body enjoyed making love to the young man it was not what his heart wanted. The men Marshall collected always sated his lust, but none of them satisfied his real need.

"Sir, is there anything I can do?" Marshall said behind him.

Niko's shoulders slumped as he stopped. "Marshall, I tire of all this."


"How long has your family been with me, Marshall?"

"I believe I am the fourth generation, sir. I have decided to train my son Curtis to care for you when my time to retire comes."

Niko chuckled and nodded. "Curtis, yes, I will do well in his care. He is already a strong-willed and intelligent young man. Much like his father," he added, giving Marshall a small grin over his shoulder.

"How can I help, sir?"

Niko turned. "I am sick of the same routine. I have been taking random lovers to my bed for far too long. I seduce men who enjoy the company of other men to my bed or drug the ones who don't. Either way, I cannot have a relationship with them. After I feed I must erase their minds so they don't remember my true nature. There was a time when that suited me fine, but lately I find that is no longer true. Though your family has been with me for a long time, I am very much alone."

"Surely you know of others like you out there."

"Of course, there are vampires all over, Marshall. Several years ago, there were a great many right here in New York City, but I have not felt their presence for some time."

"Can't you look around for them? Maybe they're still here somewhere or just outside the city."

Niko's brow rose. "You would have me traipsing about, hopping from city to city, state to state, looking for my brothers? I am not as young as I used to be. That is a task for a young vampire." Niko rested his hand on Marshall's shoulder. "No, my friend. As much as I would like a mate, I fear I must come to grips that this mundane love life is all I will have. It would seem that I will go through eternity alone."

Marshall nodded. "Would you like me to go back to the clubs tonight to keep an eye on things?"

"Why don't you take the evening off? Let Dennis handle things tonight. You deserve a break," he said, forcing a smile.

"Yes sir. What are you going to do?"

Niko turned back to the window. "I will remain hereā€¦alone."

Marshall's footsteps moved toward the door. Niko heard the door open, but when it didn't close he turned around.

"Sir, if I may, why don't you come with me?" Marshall suggested. "There's a club I have been wanting to speak to you about. It does very good business even on weeknights. I think it would be a good investment. We could go see it tonight, together."

Niko turned to his friend. "What better way to forget one's personal issues than by focusing the mind on work, eh, Marshall?"

Marshall smiled. "Yes, sir."

Niko nodded. "Very well, Marshall. Let me dress."


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