The Big 5-0: Quirks of Life & Love (eBook)

29 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 09/25/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-98-7
  • Model: 5661 words

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Heat Rating: 1 Flame


The big 5-0 looms for Tyler, a time to take stock and face the quirks of life and love. A scary diagnosis for a friend shakes her world. With a bit of humor & a shot of love, life awakens Tyler for part two.




Tyler's ears strained to hear her friend, the voice on the phone hardly louder than a whisper.

"There's a spot in his lung and another on his anus." Sarah paused and continued in that soft voice. "We won't know much until the biopsy comes back, but we are still in shock."

Dead silence on the line. What did she say to her best friend who has just told Tyler her husband's colon cancer had reappeared in more than one place? Tears coursed down Tyler's face and she felt red blotches of emotion stain her pale skin. Think, don't feel! You need to be strong for Sarah--not the other way around.

Tyler took a deep breath, trying to respond without a quaver in her voice. "Damn! I just saw you guys, and he was feeling so good."

She racked her brain for what to say next. In a crisis Tyler was strong and dependable. She gave an impression of strength and size. Everyone always thought she was taller than her actual five-five height. Maybe it was her crushing bear hugs. Or her presence and energetic personality. She was the friend who would take charge of a situation, organize the food, or respond to the issue at hand. In actuality, it was a great shield against socializing and she used it often. If she had a job or was a worker at the event, then she didn't have to make small talk.

"Do you need help with the kids? Meals? Can I do something?" said Tyler.

Sarah continued in a deadpan, almost whisper, "Right now we're just hanging in there and waiting to hear what they find."

Tyler wondered if Sarah thought by sharing the news in a whisper, it might make it less true.

"Just remember, you can pick up the phone any time and I will come to the hospital, pick up the kids, whatever. I might even make you a PB&J sandwich," Tyler added.

She was rewarded with a slight laugh. "You're always trying to feed me," said Sarah. "Thanks, I'm going to need the support."

After the call Tyler sat in her office and ran her fingernails lightly over her keyboard, listening to the clickety-click of her nails, while her thoughts ran in circles, like an old-fashioned film on a reel. Flashes of her own kids at the kitchen counter, images of Sarah passing the soccer ball, and the sound of glasses clinking at book club rolled through. No ordinary moments. Life, health, kids; all those things we take for granted on a daily basis. A huge sigh escaped her.

How could this year get any weirder? Newly single again--Tyler's life had recently changed drastically. She was getting used to being different from the intact families. She tried to embrace it. The freedom to decide when she did what she did was nice. Her relationship with her kids was closer and more real. They shared music and really spent time together because it was limited now. The "parent versus kids" conflicts were rarer. She'd even dipped her toes back into the dating pool. There were times Tyler still felt a little raw, but she had a knack for finding the upside. Until now, because she wasn't sure there was going to be an upside for Sarah.

As Tyler turned to look at her computer screen, she tried to remember what she had been doing before Sarah's call--her "to do" notes accosted her. Guilt flowed as she noticed the prescriptions. The one on top was for her annual mammogram. Next in the pile, now that she was celebrating her fiftieth, was the dreaded colonoscopy script. For the first time since she received it from her doctor, Tyler picked it up and really looked at it. Not the time to dick around with this now is it? Sarah's hubby wasn't even fifty yet.

Even if she couldn't change a thing for her friend, Tyler could do something positive in her life. She could make sure she was around a good, long time to bug her kids and meet future grandkids. Determined to take some action, Tyler grabbed the paper and started to read. The accompanying pamphlet described the goals of the procedure. "Purge process" caught her eye. She had heard the stories about people shitting their brains out for hours. She swallowed hard and randomly read items from the list.

"Liquids only for twenty-four hours in advance."

"You must have someone stay with you and drive you home after the procedure."

"The whole process takes about three hours from arrival to departure."

She started to think about the mechanics of getting the test. Who can I ask to drive me that isn't already crazy, juggling their own families...?

Tyler ran down her list of family members. Her parents were already in their winter digs down in cranky old people-landia AKA Florida. Her siblings were barely keeping their own heads above water with crammed days of kid activities. With another big sigh, she left the scripts for now and turned to her work. The urgency to have the screening weighed on her mind.


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