Five Alarm Lover (eBook)

147 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 11/13/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-943528-01-1
  • Model: 30467 words

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Heat Rating: 2 Flame


A firefighter. A mining colony executive. Five alarm love.

On Rowland Mining colony Moon Three, Delmar "Del" Preston responds to a mine fire that has put a group of executives in danger. What he doesn't realize is the fire will lead to the one thing he needs most in his life--love.




Smoke spun in a sinuous dance through the mine shaft, the glow of the distant fire turning the particle-laden air a ruddy orange. Delmar "Del" Preston drove the firecar while his partner Rio Martinez worked the fire control system, which would be activated when they reached the actual blaze. Del's gaze was on the scanner, searching for any sign of survivors but he saw nothing to indicate anyone alive in the immediate vicinity and sent the vehicle rolling forward.

The communications suite crackled. "Fire containment team one, this is containment base, do you copy?" His commanding officer's voice was distorted by the endurium ore through which the mine shaft was sunk. The fact it was the Fire Operations manager, Mr. Sullivan, talking to him alerted Del that something unusual was going on.

Del tapped the side of his helmet to activate the outgoing communications signal. "This is team one, go ahead base."

"Team one, be advised we have a report stating executives of Rowland Mining were on a tour when the fire alarms sounded."

"We copy, base. What are their positions?"

"Unknown, team one. No itinerary was filed."

Del turned to Rio, and knew his own expression matched her troubled one.

She shook her head in disgust. "Suits," she muttered.

Del nodded his agreement. The corporate types never understood how dangerous a mine could be. All they ever noticed were profit and loss margins and if one of them got killed then they always blamed other people, not their own ignorance.

He keyed his comm again and asked, "Base, has anyone heard from the executives since the fire started?"

"Negative, team one. There's been no communication from anyone since the alarms began."

He expected no less. Endurium in the raw ore stage burned hot, and the smoke it gave off was toxic enough to prove fatal in an instant to anyone without the proper breathing equipment. Fatal, for instance, to a bunch of suits roaming around in an ordinary transport.

"Those fools probably didn't have protective gear over their suits," Rio remarked.

"Probably not, but we have to locate them anyway."

She snorted. "You mean whatever's left of them."


That would be the worst part of the job detail. Locating the dead execs and taking the inevitable blame for their deaths. He hoped it didn't cost them their jobs, but wouldn't be shocked if they found themselves seeking employment elsewhere.

Del slowed the firecar to a crawl as they reached the junction between the main shaft and three descending shafts. Two of the mine tunnels were fully involved, while the third, and last, appeared cool with no trace of flames visible.

If they couldn't get the other fires contained, it would be only a matter of time before the whole mine was on fire and if that happened the entire operation would be a loss. Worse, the fire could spread through the entire moon. Their job was to make sure that didn't happen.

"Team one, this is base, do you copy?"

"We copy, base, go ahead."

"Scans show the fire is moving toward the main tunnel. Our information indicates the fire is widespread and heating up."

"We're at the junction of the tunnels, base. We can see the fire in two of the shafts. The third shaft is cool. Request a second team to assist. We can't tackle two fires alone."

"Base to team one, requesting approval for a second team to assist. Standby."

Rio shook her head. "Bureaucrats will be the death of everyone. We've got a huge fire here and they want to discuss it in committee."

"Same crap, different day," Del replied. He let the car creep forward, heading down the central shaft. If they could contain the central fire it could prevent the last shaft from igniting.

"They said to wait."

He glanced at Rio. "When have I ever obeyed a stupid order?"


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Michael Barnette has been writing tales of manlove since the late 90s. Fleeing from the tropic heat of South Beach and Miami, Florida, Michael has steadily migrated farther and farther west and now writes within sight of the Flat Iron Mountains of Colorado. Readers can reach Michael via email at:



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For more information, please visit the author's webpage.
For more information, please visit the author's webpage.

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