Touch of a Ghost (eBook)

113 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 09/09/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-59-8
  • Model: 22188 words

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Heat Rating: 2 Flame

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What if you could only touch your lover one night of the year? In a relationship with a ghost, Halloween night is all you have.

Drew Jessop wants a life without ghosts. He doesn't want to see, hear, or talk to them. Ignoring them should be relatively simple.

But Drew soon finds that Benji Richards, an eternally gorgeous ghost from the fifties, is not so easy to ignore.

Halloween night is approaching and both Drew and Benji know what it could mean for them. From sunset to sunrise, it is the one night of the year when a mortal can feel the touch of a ghost.


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Six weeks of freedom from ghosts! Andrew 'Drew' Jessop wanted to mark the occasion. If it weren't for the fact that his calendar was still packed up in one of the lingering boxes from his move, he would have recorded the date, circling it in red ink. Several times.

Drew smiled to himself as he placed his shopping bag on the counter and went in search of the remote. He eventually found it down the side of the sofa and switched on the football match, eager to watch his favorite team's game. The game hadn't yet started, and the commentators were discussing the opposing team's star player who was unlikely to play following an injury. Figuring he had enough time to quickly put away his groceries, he hurried back to the counter. He tossed most of the groceries into the cupboard, fridge, and freezer without much thought. His mother would never have put up with such untidiness, but this was his place and he took pleasure in rebelling in even the smallest of ways.

When nearly everything had been put away, he grabbed the last remaining items. He tossed the contents of a jumbo packet of crisps into a bowl. With a beer in hand, and more cooling in the fridge, he was ready for a nice, normal night in front of the telly.

Food--check. Beer--check. Ghost--check.

Drew almost swore out loud when his mind caught up with what his eyes had already seen. He stopped himself just in time. The building had been built during the Second World War, but he hadn't seen a ghost in his flat until now. He shouldn't have been surprised.

The young man looked to have been in his early twenties when he died, maybe even younger. Judging by his clothes, the James Dean wannabe had clearly been lingering on the ghostly plane for a while.

Just ignore it, Drew silently ordered himself. This would be his first real test in his new home. The unwelcome spook had obviously settled down for a night in front of the television, and Drew couldn't let on that he could see it. Once a single ghost learned he had psychic abilities, word would get around, and his life of normality would be over faster than he could say ectoplasm.

Drew carried the bowl of potato crisps and beer over to the coffee table and set them down. He made sure he didn't look directly at his uninvited guest and took a seat at the opposite end of the sofa.

"Looks like it's going to be a good match," the ghost said conversationally.

Drew knew the spook didn't expect him to answer. Ghosts tended to talk a lot; it seemed to be something of a habit. They didn't expect mortals to hear them.

The match started, but Drew found his concentration hindered by his ghostly guest. His gaze kept drifting to the right, much as it had done back in school when he found himself in the presence of a boy he fancied.

The ghost had black hair with a messy fringe hanging down over his eyes. His clothes were from the fifties, yet his hairstyle didn't seem to be from the same era. Or maybe he simply didn't have access to the hair products he needed to keep the style? Drew snickered to himself at the idea of a ghost needing tips on hair maintenance. Chances are, he'd just been having a bad hair day when he'd died and was now stuck with it for eternity. Drew had witnessed worse fashion disasters from the ghostly realm, but permanent bedhead always made him chuckle. A little perseverance on the part of the ghost could fix the mess but only for as long as he held his concentration. Had the ghost known Drew could see him, he'd no doubt have fixed his wayward tangles before visiting.

Bad hair or not, Drew couldn't help admiring the handsome young spirit.

He wondered what this ghost would think about his sexuality and then chided himself for even caring. Just because he found the ghost attractive, he couldn't lose track of what was important. He wanted to keep his life as normal as possible, and that meant keeping his libido under control. Thinking with the wrong head had already got him in enough trouble.

The ghost chattered on, giving additional commentary on the match. Drew tried his best to ignore him and concentrate on the game. On reflection, the ghost's earlier comment had been correct. The match looked to be one of the best of the season so far.

By halftime he realized his companion wasn't bad company. They supported the same team, and under any other circumstances--if the ghost had been just another resident in the building--Drew suspected he would have invited him over anyway.

Despite his best intentions, Drew found himself a little curious about his ghostly guest. He didn't even know his name. The spirit was handsome whatever his expression, but, when he smiled as he did each time their team took possession of the ball, his face lit up, and Drew's breath caught in his throat. If he hadn't been so busy drooling, Drew might have worried about his reaction.

Drew walked over to the kitchen area to retrieve another beer from the fridge. He had just reached inside when a second voice came from the direction of the television. The door hadn't opened, he'd have heard it. He didn't know anyone in town well enough for them to let themselves into his flat without knocking, and the female voice was unfamiliar.

Drew peered around the corner of the fridge. He tried to look casual, taking in the scene, while making it appear he couldn't tear his eyes away from the television. A woman--another ghost--stood right in front of the television set, her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face. She had the same dark hair as the other ghost and similar enough features that Drew immediately guessed they were related.

"Benji, I've been looking all over for you," the older woman scolded.

Benji? Drew gave his guest another quick glance, contemplating whether he looked like a Benji or not. He stopped himself and shook his head in annoyance. This wasn't a good sign at all. A nameless ghost would be much easier to ignore.

"Ma, you're in the way," Benji complained, waving her to one side. Benji's words confirmed Drew's suspicions.

"Isn't this old Foster's place?" Benji's mother commented as she stepped to the side and looked around the room. "Whatever has he done to it?"


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