The Nobleman and the Knave (eBook) - A Once Upon a Future Story

202 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 12/26/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-71-0
  • Model: 40630 words

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Heat Rating: 2 Flames


Timon rescues Agapito who is destined to be a sex slave. Agapito is beautiful and enigmatic, and friendship soon turns to love, but one man can ruin their happiness. Jocelyn is dangerous, dissolute, and set to marry Timon's sister.

Timon wishes for the day when his dominating and demanding sister, Leah, is finally married to the rich and darkly handsome Sir Jocelyn. Then Timon dreams of being free to travel and live his own life.

Agapito is destined to be a slave for Jocelyn--a sex slave--but Agapito's prayers are answered when the dashing Timon buys him instead.

When Timon rescues Agapito, he has no idea what changes to his life the act of charity will bring. Agapito is as beautiful as he is enigmatic, and friendship between them soon becomes love.

But one man still stands between them and happiness. Sir Jocelyn lives a dual life--as a businessman with influence and a fiancee, and as a sexual taskmaster with a cruel streak. As Timon and Agapito discover, Jocelyn is as dangerous as he is dissolute.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a significantly expanded and re-edited re-release title.




At the tap to his library door, Timon looked up. "Yes, Mrs Evans?"

"Your friends are here, Master Timon. Shall I bring them through?"

Her face was pursed into the vision of disapproval Timon recognised so well. Sometimes he felt that the matronly woman who'd been a family retainer since his childhood was his only true friend. He smiled and shook his head.

"No, thank you. They're taking me out somewhere special this evening. A surprise of some kind."

"Yes, well, you take care with those gentlemen, Master Timon. Young Master Leighton is pleasant enough on his own, but I have a bad feeling about Master Terrell. He's far too close to Sir Jocelyn in my mind."

His housekeeper's thoughts were surprisingly close to Timon's own. Mrs Evans had always been an extremely shrewd judge of character. She'd also hated his sister's fiance, the rich and powerful Sir Jocelyn, from the day she'd met him. Not that Timon could put his finger on exactly why he had such a bad feeling about the man.

"I will, Mrs Evans. Although it's hard to ignore any friend of Sir Jocelyn's."

Her expression darkened. "Yes, well, sad to say that your sister lacks many of your qualities, Master Timon, and I fear that Miss Leah may come to discover he isn't the knight in shining armour he so portrays himself to be." Mrs Evans folded her arms and gave a loud sniff.

That struck a chord of truth with Timon. Since his father's death, many things had changed. The death had been a big enough blow, although his sister took it better than he, due to her courtship by Sir Jocelyn. Of course, she has no interest in our financial state. That is my sole responsibility. I almost died of shock and horror when Jocelyn produced promissory notes for gambling debts. In the end, with Jocelyn's assistance as bank trustee and president, our family home was sold to pay off the debts. Now we live here, with a hefty mortgage hanging like a millstone around my neck.

"I'd best go to them before they come looking for me." Timon paused in front of the mirror, checking his hair was secure in its bow and that he looked presentable for a night out.

He wasn't in full evening dress. Terrell had told him it wasn't necessary. For which Timon was grateful. His evening attire looked very dated now and he'd prefer not to be seen going out looking like a pauper.

I avoid spending on anything other than necessities. I wish Leah would do the same. But Jocelyn arranged that she has accounts in her favourite gown shops, shoe shops, perfumeries, and at her hair dresser. I faithfully pay a portion of each account every month and Jocelyn's assured he will take them over when he and Leah wed. From a life of wealth to barely well-to-do and then only because I pay but part of what is owed. Sometimes my head spins.

"Take care, Master Timon."

Impulsively, Timon hugged Mrs Evans. Her cheeks flushed red, but there was no mistaking the joy twinkling in her eyes.

"I will. You needn't wait up for me."

Peering out of his front door, Timon was surprised the carriage was clockwork rather than pulled by a flesh and blood horse. These carriages were more expensive. Resisting the urge to grimace at the thought of the cost, Timon hoped since he was invited out, he wouldn't be expected to contribute to the fare.

"Hop right in, sir. The other gentlemen are inside."

"Thank you." Timon nodded at the driver and stepped up into the carriage. The moment he was in Terrell banged on the roof.

The carriage moved forward with a hiss of steam and whir of gears.

"We have a special surprise for you tonight, Timon." There was a sly, amused tone to Terrell's voice.

With as casual an air as possible, Timon smiled without speaking. It seemed something he was doing far more frequently these days. Sir Jocelyn's friends took too much of an interest in him when his sister was spending time with her fiance's family. In truth, he would rather they left him be. He was not fond of Jocelyn, his friends, or what they generally considered sport.

As they rattled along, Timon daydreamed about his future. Once Leah is settled with Jocelyn, I can sell that house and purchase something outright, something smaller, on the fringes of the town. Well away from Jocelyn and his friends. However, Timon made no mention, even to Mrs Evans, of the idea. He was sure he would not be able to stand his sister's haranguing, because to do so would in some way reflect badly on her if he failed to keep up with Sir Jocelyn's standards.

Her wedding date had been set after what was considered a seemly length of time, given their father's death, and, at present, Leah could think and speak of little else. It was now just three short months away.

A part of Timon was sad that he now looked forward to her spending time at Sir Jocelyn's country house these days, learning her upcoming role as the mistress of the older man's home. In comparison to Jocelyn's status, their dwindling inheritance was modest although Leah behaved as if it were as generous as before their father's death. Her constant insistence they needed to keep up a lifestyle they couldn't afford frustrated him.


At the sound of his name, he refocused his attention on the two men before him. Leighton and Terrell were, as far as Timon understood, Jocelyn's closest friends.

"I'm sorry. But in truth, I had thought to spend a quiet evening at home. I really have no desire to be out too late." Timon looked between the two men.

They were like chalk and cheese. Terrell had an air around him, as though something dark lurked beneath the superficial surface of foppery and finery where Leighton seemed more open and genuine. Timon couldn't explain it, but he was wary of Terrell. It was something that was growing stronger as more of Jocelyn's ideas of entertainment were revealed to him.

"Nonsense, you shouldn't be on your own. You will come with us and we will take care of you." Leighton smiled.

About the series: A re-telling of a favourite fairy tale--with a twist


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