Daimon (eBook) - Demonica Universe #3

Author: Pelaam
109 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 09/18/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-62-8
  • Model: 20958 words

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Heat Rating: 3 Flames


A demon and empath, Daimon lives in a remote part of New Zealand. But it is often boring. Sensing someone's despair, Daimon follows his curiosity and investigates, only to find out more about his new neighbours than he expected.

Daimon, a empathic demon aligned with neither the dark nor the light, lives in a remote part of New Zealand for the scenery as much as the lack of people. But the self-imposed solitude is often boring.

While watching the moon one evening, Daimon senses someone's despair. Curious, he investigates--not that the memory of the gorgeous man who'd moved in nearby recently has anything to do with his interest--only to find out more about his new neighbours than he expected.

Well, at least he isn't bored anymore.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a substantially re-edited re-release title.


"If you like paranormal stories where demons interact with Lycans, if a lust demon seems like an interesting character to you, and if you prefer your reads to be very hot, you will probably like this short story."

Serena Yates for Rainbow Book Reviews





Sometimes life sucks. Daimon stretched, and sighed. I'm bored and horny. Of course, neither condition was unusual for a demon of lust and sensuality. He absently stroked one of his horns, adding a scratch with a sharp fingernail, and shuddered pleasurably.

When he crouched here, in the niche created by the arched turret window, the moon was perfectly framed by the window. Over the last few nights he'd developed quite a fascination with the moon, which was just a couple of days away from being full. Something about that thought sent a shiver through him, catching Daimon by surprise.

Intending to pleasure himself in the comfort of his bed, Daimon had turned away from the window only to swivel back around when despair washed over him. Considering the relatively unpopulated region of New Zealand he lived in--primarily to avoid being overwhelmed by the emotions most sentient beings broadcast naturally--the being experiencing the emotions must either be close, or the despair it felt was soul-deep. Possibly both.

Gazing out the window once more, Daimon debated his options. I have an inexplicable feeling that I need to do something. Of the houses nearest to me, I've known the occupant of one a long time, but the other...

A day or so ago, new people had moved into the large villa to the south. The two burly human men doing the heavy lifting had been of no interest to him; it was the silver-haired, athletic male who'd caught Daimon's attention. And caught it very well indeed. Daimon smiled and wriggled a little as he recalled the man.

At the time, the intriguing male had been pushing a wheelchair containing a swaddled figure. The movement of muscle under the tight, sleeveless, white T-shirt had been well worth watching. The man's well-defined, powerful biceps had been perfectly displayed, and thanks to cut-off denim shorts, so had his solid thighs.

All in all, the silver-haired male had proven to be an exceptionally attractive package, and Daimon had given some serious consideration to the best way of making his... acquaintance. I sensed he was lycan, which ties in with my new fascination with the upcoming full moon, and I know there was another wolf--probably the one in the wheelchair--which would compound the fascination I'm feeling...

The proximity of a small pack so close to the full moon could be the reason he felt unusually horny, too. After all, while lycans aren't forced to change during a full moon, it does bring their more animalistic natures to the fore and make them more inclined to be sexually active.

The combination of the alluring male and the despair he'd recently sensed seemed more than good enough reason for Daimon to go and investigate. Let's be honest, cats have nothing on demons when it comes to curiosity. My inquisitive nature has caused me far more trouble than my occasional urges to cause mischief, and I know the same is true of others. But then again, my curiosity has also been well rewarded, too.

His decision made, Daimon grinned. And now is as good a time as any to go. Picturing the neighbouring property, he allowed his body to dematerialise.

Materialising invisibly outside the large stucco-fronted villa, Daimon extended his senses. Although the feeling of despair was gone, there was enough of a resonance to prove that this had indeed been the place of its origin. Ignoring the wide stairs that led to the portico, Daimon wandered around the mansion's exterior instead--it had been a long time since he'd visited this place and he could easily conceal his presence from the lycans. They might become a little agitated with him around but they would be unable to detect him unless he wanted them to.

Oh yes, I definitely have the advantage over lycans, I love being a demon.

The windows of the mansion were large, rectangular, and heavily curtained. Some had balconies. Perfect.

Materialising on his chosen balcony--why climb when you didn't have to?--Daimon looked out over the grounds. The almost-full moon cast cold white light over immaculately manicured lawns. The intricately carved wooden benches resting in the shadows under the kowhai trees were clear as day to Daimon's demon sight, and he resolved have a better look some day soon. Would they feel as good as they looked?

Enough sight-seeing for now. Time to focus on what I came for.

Mentally probing the mansion was a delicate operation. Too much power and his presence would be felt, too little and he'd read nothing. Three of the occupants slept, one did not. Two of the sleepers were close together, possibly sharing a room, so Daimon flitted to the balcony of the other. Much easier to check the lone lycan sleeper than risk waking the household while checking on the lycan still awake.

Thick metal bars, so new they gleamed in the moonlight, were fastened securely to the outside of the window. Daimon shrugged and, instead of climbing in the window as he'd intended, simply materialised inside the lycan's room.

The sumptuous bedroom contained a large fireplace but was dominated by a huge, wooden four-poster bed. Daimon couldn't resist running his finger over the intricately carved bedpost that called out to his tactile nature. Smiling, he drew one of the gauzy curtains blocking his view aside.

It wasn't often that Daimon found himself stunned by a being's physical appearance but this... this was an exquisiteness he hadn't seen in a long time. He stared for too long, mesmerised by the sleeping beauty before him.

Fine, silver-blond hair reached to slender shoulders and provided a suitable frame for a face of angelic loveliness--Daimon had bedded actual angels in his time but it was rare to find such beauty outside of divine circles. Perfect pink lips were shaped in a Cupid's bow and parted slightly with each shallow breath. His eyes are blue, I'm sure of it.

A faint medicinal odour hung over the bed, indicating the blond's deep sleep was drug-induced rather than natural. Daimon opened the drawer of the bedside table, surprised it wasn't locked but glad he didn't need to use his demonic abilities again, as it could possibly alert the guard. A soft growl escaped him at the sight of the disposable needles, syringe, and small medicine bottle within. Picking it up, Daimon studied the contents. This particular drug wouldn't do much to subdue a transformed, enraged lycan but it would keep one asleep.

Daimon's growl was subvocal but no less menacing for its quietness. While I may not rush out wielding the proverbial sword for the forces of light, keeping someone drugged and a prisoner is against all of my principles. There was one sure way for him to know the blond was drugged. Leaning forward, he pressed a kiss to the blond's cheek. He wrinkled his nose in distaste. Pah! His natural sweetness is marred by the chemical taste of the drug. I don't detect any darkness or malice within him, so that can't be the reason he's being held captive.

Daimon lashed his tail angrily. Although he had no idea why the beauty would be treated in such a manner, he had every intention of finding out.


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About Pelaam:
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Living in clean, green New Zealand, Pelaam is a multi-published author of gay romance and erotic books. When not busy writing she can be found indulging in her other passions of cookery and wine appreciation.

Pelaam's book "Breath of the Feathered Serpent" is a finalist for the 2014 Rainbow Awards in Gay futuristic/sci-fi. "Bedazzled" and "Firebird" were a combined finalist for the Rainbow Awards in Gay futuristic/sci-fi 2013.

She can be found on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pamela.pelaamone--with an author page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pelaam/1467778320131583?ref=hl--and a full list of her published works are on Lazy Beagle Entertainment. Readers can email her at pelaam@hotmail.com.

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