Awakening Camelot (eBook) - A Wizard's Quest #3

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Date of publication: 05/19/2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-946004-75-8
  • Model: words

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Heat Rating: 1 Flame


As the threat of war looms overhead, Aidan Collins must fight not only for the future of his relationship, but for the soul of his country as well.

Aidan Collins thought he knew what it meant to go to war--he was wrong. Yet, for his sins, all he's gained is a temporary stalemate. Trapped in a rebel city behind a wall of ice, King Arthur's army regroups and takes its first tentative steps towards self-governance. But winter can't last forever, and wars can't be won by hiding. To find desperately needed allies, Aidan, King Arthur, Aidan's lover Lee, and a mismatched group of rebels and criminals, must undertake a desperate mission across the dangerous Canadian wilderness, a trip which no one has survived in over four hundred years. Even if they succeed, the true evil which rules the United States will still need to be confronted.

Along with the terrible truth that one of them must die if that evil is to be defeated.




A Wizard's Quest
About the series: In an alternate history where the stories of King Arthur are recorded historical fact, all humans can use magic. They are separated into two distinct groups. Sorcerers are able to cast spells with minimal effort, and Wizards are those that cannot control their own magic and are restricted by law from practicing magical arts. All wizards must register with the government and renew their license every year to ensure they do not ever attempt magic use of their own. But what if everything they've been told isn't true? What if nothing is what it seems?


About Dan Wingreen:
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Dan lives in Ohio (as people do) with his boyfriend, parents and two rapidly aging dogs. His favorite thing is Star Wars, and his least favorite thing is pizza. He dreams of one day owning two Netherland Dwarf Bunnies that frolic about his house.

Twitter: @Captain_Cy_kun

Reader eMail: danwritesthings(at)gmail(dot)com

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