Relentless Love (eBook) - Relentless Series #2

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Date of publication: 07/08/2016
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Heat Rating: 4 Flames


In this sequel to Relentless Passion, Zeca's twin, Alex, has his own coming to terms with the realities of love, and how he has to become relentless in order to fall in love.

Alex has already lost one lover to his brother Zeca. Now his fickle shenanigans have driven Hugh, his other lover, away as well. Alex desperately wants what his brother has, an intensely passionate relationship, so Zeca shares their father's advice--you have to love before you can be relentless. Good advice, if Alex weren't so afraid to follow it.

When Toppy's own love life gets a little, um...strange, he escapes to St. Tropez. He takes Alex with him, who finds himself face-to-face with Hugh. Too bad Hugh is already lip-to-lip with someone else. But Alex has come too far to turn back now.

The game is on, and while Toppy gets up to his own sexual shenanigans under the St. Tropez sun, Alex will do anything to get back into Hugh's life...his bed...his body. He'll first have to learn to face his fears. Only then can he find relentless love.


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Man oh man, it was sickening. Was such passion in the early hours of the morning even normal? I wiped down the countertop inside my dad's restaurant, watching my brother Zeca kissing his boyfriend Antonio goodbye. Their frenzied kisses attracted not only my attention but that of a few passersby. The way they went at each other, anyone would think they were about to be separated for months, years even--not just the few hours my brother worked until Antonio sloped back into our café for his late-morning coffee.

Sheesh. I checked my watch. In one minute I would have a legitimate gripe. I could accuse my brother of being late. I watched the hungry way the two men gnawed at each other's mouths. Antonio and Zeca were as predictable as Swiss clocks, and a thousand times more ardent than any other lovers I knew, gay or straight.

They stood in the doorway of Café Toppy, our father's famous restaurant in the heart of Capri. They broke off their kiss, gasping for breath. Antonio looked up and down the street, his hand moving surreptitiously to Zeca's ass. A little squeeze and he pulled Zeca closer to him.

Oh brother.

I moved past our stocked shelves of lemon-flavored liqueurs, spice rubs, and teas, prickles of fury forming along the back of my neck. Did they have to make such a spectacle of themselves?

Zeca broke off their kiss again, glancing at me then back at his lover. Antonio took Zeca's face in his hands and tugged my brother toward him for a longer, deeper kiss.

Oh for corn's sake.

I brushed past them, broom in hand, and made a big display of cleaning up out front. Antonio finally let my brother go, giving me a finger wave.

"Ciao, Alex."

He took off down the street. He had a sexy swagger, I'll give him that. My brother watched him for a moment, a loopy grin on his face.

"Buongiorno! " he shouted, waving at a few store owners who were also gearing up for a busy morning.

Good? What was good about it?

Via Camerelle, the main promenade of Capri, was kicking into high gear and it was barely seven o'clock. The Christmas and New Year season was over, the remaining holiday tourists now jostling for space with serious professional travelers. They came here year after year, stayed at the same hotels or villas, ate the same meals each and every time...and spent a lot of money.

Zeca drifted into the café, a dreamy expression on his face, and began warming up the cappuccino machine. Since nailing the sexiest guy on the island, my twin's fortunes had changed. I still couldn't believe it. Antonio had been my boyfriend, until I'd made the colossal mistake of asking Zeca to pose as me for a date. I'd met another guy and wanted to give Hugh a chance. I have no idea how it all went so wrong, but I'd found myself attracted to Hugh, my married next-door neighbor--a woman, no less, which really shows you how screwed up I was--and Antonio.

Antonio figured out the ruse after a couple of dates with my brother. Maybe I'd miscalculated, considering Antonio's a cop. I should have guessed he'd be smarter than the guys I usually went for.

Zeca was humming a song, smiling at me. Couldn't he see me frowning at him? Couldn't he feel my death-ray stare?

He strolled into the kitchen and began chopping vegetables. Our winter menu was still in full force and he didn't seem to mind the grunt work of chopping all those hearty root vegetables. Me, I hated chopping, slicing and cooking. I hated anything to do with food in fact, except for eating it.

The smell of lemons was strong. Damn lemons. I couldn't escape them on Capri and they always reminded me of Hugh and the last meal we had together. It should have been the most romantic meal of our lives--

Stop it. Don't think about it.

I finished putting tables and chairs out front. I caught the gaze of the woman next door who owned the chocolate shop. Oh God. She was setting up a new window display of red and pink hearts. Valentine's Day. Holy moly. It was just around the corner and I was the only guy on Capri who didn't have a Valentine. I thought about Hugh. The thought of his wonderful kisses and how much I missed them almost ruined me.

For a moment I stood leaning on the broom handle. The sun was peeping through the big, puffy clouds, like a yolk in a sea of poached egg whites. Even winter in Capri was gorgeous. I could hear Zeca's rhythmic chopping coming from the kitchen and detected a whiff of onions. With a huge sigh, I went back inside and tucked the broom behind the kitchen door.

Zeca glanced up at me and beamed. He was so fucking happy these days, it was disgusting. I hardly saw him anymore, since he spent all his nights with Antonio. They spent every spare second together and seemed closer each day. I'd never heard them argue, never heard Zeca say one bad thing about Antonio. As for Antonio, he also seemed smitten. It was aggravating. Aggravating!

"Don't you ever get sick of him?" I asked.

Zeca scooped up handfuls of onions and swept them into a plastic bowl. "Sick of Antonio?" His hands stopped mid-air, a torrent of chopped onions falling between his fingers. That was another thing that bugged me. He chopped vegetables so bloody evenly. "No. Never." Zeca frowned. "Why would you even ask me a question like that?"

"You've been with him practically forever--"

"Two months," he interjected, an exasperated look on his face.

"Exactly." I pointed at him. "Don't you yearn for...a bit of variety?"

He stared at me, open-mouthed. He broke into a cheeky grin. "Oh, we have variety."

"You're talking about sexual positions. I'm talking about the man himself. Don't you ever want to kiss a total stranger?"

"What? No!"

He washed and wiped the chef's knife and began working on sweet chili peppers. His rhythm was off, however. I'd gotten to him. I don't know why, but I got a sick little thrill out of that.

"Is this about Hugh?" my brother asked, breaking his own stride. He placed the knife on the chopping board and stared at me again.

"No." I swallowed hard. Things were weird between me and Hugh. I had feelings for the guy. I just didn't know what they were.

"No?" Zeca arched a brow at me.

"Not really." I kicked at the doorframe. My brother knew me too well. Hugh had jumped off his cruise ship to come back to me when he was supposed to leave. He'd braved sharks and everything. It was the most romantic thing that had ever happened to me...but I was also embroiled with Mrs. Pampina at the time. My cheeks flushed with shame just thinking about it. I had gone back and forth between them, with ghastly results.

"You could go visit him you know, or maybe invite him back here." Zeca's tone was soft.

"No." My heart had hardened to Hugh. Whenever I thought of him, I was reminded of my foolish escapade with Mrs. Pampina. I'd always enjoyed having more than one lover at a time. When things got too serious with one I'd hop to the other flower, like a drunken, dizzy bee. But when things went pear-shaped with Mrs. Pampina, Hugh got all territorial on me. I was supposed to explain my every move to him. I was supposed to be available. We argued, he shouted and, two weeks ago, we'd had a very bad argument and he'd left the island in a huff.

For several days I'd thought he'd return, but he didn't. To be honest, it surprised me. I thought he had it bad for me. I shook my head against the sudden tide of sadness. He obviously didn't have it bad enough.

I didn't know if we were on or off, but neither of us had called the other. I didn't know what to say. I felt as if I were adrift without him, but the thought of him questioning me every five seconds...not trusting I couldn't go through that again.

"What is it then?" Zeca started chopping again.

I tried forming my thoughts into words. I had never really wanted what Zeca had--until he got it. I'm not saying I wanted Antonio, but I wanted that closeness.

"It's the damn Bermuda triangle," I said. Now I was starting to feel depressed.

My brother laughed. "You mean Valentine's Day?"

"Yeah, Valentine's Day," I mimicked. For years we'd talked about Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day as being an emotional Bermuda triangle, only my brother was now a deux. He and Antonio had spent Christmas in Sweden, New Year's in Milan with Antonio's family, and Zeca probably couldn't wait for Valentine's Day.

"I've never had a real Valentine before," he said, as if reading my thoughts.

Damn him. I knew it was true. I wanted to hate him but I couldn't. I was glad he was happy. I realized I wanted to feel the same sweeping passion, as if I would die saying goodbye to my man, the way he always did with Antonio. I envied him and yet I feared that kind of connection. It was weird.

About the series: The "Relentless" series follows the lives and loves of twins Zeca and Alex who live on the Italian island of Capri, running a local cafe with their retired British soap opera star dad, Toppy. They've had a lot of fun confusing their lovers...until Zeca actually falls in love with local cop, Antonio. How does Zeca tell his twin that he can't date Antonio for him because his feelings are deep...and how can he pretend to be zany, carefree Alex when he's around Antonio when all he feels is relentless passion for Antonio?


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