A Puppy for Christmas (eBook)

37 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 12/19/2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-23-9
  • Model: 7364 words

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Heat Rating: 1 Flame


Samoyed shifter Matt feels down when his neighbor Chase witnesses his feline boyfriend of two years break up with him. However, Chase is genuinely concerned and wants to cheer Matt up. He invites Matt over to his house. Once there, Matt can hardly wait to find out what kind of shifter Chase really is. After an intriguing kiss, Matt is invited for a romp through the nearby forest reserve in his dog skin, and it's here that he finally gets to see Chase's shifter form.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.

"If you like short stories about shifters, and if you prefer a bit of mystery over immediate jump-between-the-sheets-action, you will probably like this short story." Serena Yates for Rainbow Book Reviews




Matt couldn't believe it was almost Christmas. He glanced at the glittery wrapped presents on the passenger seat. Although he'd managed to find a few nice gifts for his mother and younger brother Jess, he still hadn't found anything for his partner Jason. Everything he'd looked at with Jason in mind he'd eventually rejected. If he was honest with himself, it was probably because deep down he'd felt unsettled about their relationship for a number of weeks now.

He pulled his car into the drive and jumped out. For some stupid reason the seatbelt he'd taken off refused to retract properly and he caught the tip of his boot in the loop as he tried to rush from the car. Thoroughly snagged, he realized it too late to prevent a fall--at least he wasn't the type to worry about damage to his precious face.

Oomph. Thank God the bushes next to the drive cushioned him and prevented a collision with the ground.

Strong hands caught Matt under the arms and hauled him upright. The grip was too firm to be Jason and the faint scent of aftershave that drifted down to him definitely wasn't Mako Wild Thing. No, it was much darker, like Leather and Spice or Licorice Whip. Wow, I know far too much about aftershaves.

"Way to go, Matt." Chase Telford grinned at him and for half a heartbeat, Matt leaned into his neighbor's chest. Blinking against the bright midday sun, Matt caught his breath at the sudden, brief contact. Had Chase's jewel blue eyes darkened for a moment, or was that just his imagination? Chase released him, leaving Matt's arm feeling oddly warm and tingly.

"Um, thanks, Chase," Matt muttered. "I owe--"

"What the fuck happened to you?" Jason's high-pitched voice interrupted. Where had he come from? Why was Jason home at this time of day? Shouldn't he be at work?

"Yeah, what the fuck happened to you?" Jason's sidekick Alan parroted. Why the hell was he here? And what was his hunky neighbor doing home? Why did he have to have an audience of three guys for his foolish tumble into the garden? It wasn't the weekend yet, was it? He racked his brains, unable to recall what day of the week it was.

"I caught my foot in the seatbelt as I got out," Matt admitted, feeling a little foolish.

"You've always been a clumsy puppy," Jason said arrogantly. Matt scowled as Alan sniggered.

"Are you okay?" Chase asked quietly, his tone warm and considerate. Mild concern furrowed Chase's brow and there was almost a protective aura to the way he stood there and assessed everything, from Matt's embarrassment to Jason's and Alan's lack of sympathy.

"I'm fine." Matt almost snapped the words, annoyed to find himself on display like a moron who couldn't exit his own car without some minor disaster.

Chase's brows drew down a fraction more. He examined Matt's face for a few seconds then glanced at the two men nearby. "I gotta get back to work," he said suddenly with a quick glance back at Matt. "If you feel like a coffee later or just a chat, come over." Chase turned and strode back to his own house.

Delaying the inevitable chat with Jason, Matt watched Chase walk away. It was a lovely sight. He moved with the liquid grace of a dancer, which surprised Matt since Chase was at least six and a half feet tall and tightly muscled in all the places that mattered. Matt couldn't control the slight tightening under his jeans zipper as he watched Chase's long, inky black hair ripple as the man disappeared through his front door.

Chase was a shifter too, but being a city boy all his life Matt couldn't work out what he might transform into. Matt's throat felt suddenly dry as he fantasized about being able to follow Chase through his door and find out. And then what? Hell, he knew Chase was gay too, but Matt wasn't single. Or was he? He turned back to Jason and Alan.

"What are you doing home in the middle of the day?" Matt pinned Jason with a glare. To his dismay, Jason squirmed and the merest shade of pink dusted his porcelain-smooth cheeks. Hells, he knew what was going on but why wouldn't Jason admit it? Was it because they both found it hard to let go after two years together? He felt his heart sink to his sneakers but kept an outwardly brave composure, unwilling to let anyone see how he really felt. Damn, they had been so happy in the beginning. When had things started to go wrong?



Seeming to realize he was out of place, Alan shuffled his feet. "I... er..." He glanced at Jason and Matt then moved away to the end of the drive without finishing his sentence.

Matt watched Alan's blue jacket fade against the traffic as he felt his chest tighten. He considered asking Jason what was going on again but his boyfriend jumped in before he could get a word out. Perhaps it was just as well when he considered the lump that had lodged in his throat in response to his emotional upheaval.

"I'm moving out," Jason said in a rush.


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