Lil' Bad Wolf and the Huntsman (eBook) - Retold Fairy Tales #1

55 pages | eBook | 6x9"
Date of publication: 05/29/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-941984-60-4
  • Model: 10780 words

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Heat Rating: 2 Flames


Lil' Bad Wolf, an outcast, lives a lonely existence. The Huntsman, solitary by choice, crossed the line between man and beast long ago.

In the dark wood, they encounter one another, a cross-dressing wolf hungering for acceptance and a Huntsman with secrets of his own...




Lil' Bad Wolf's stomach growled, protesting his last three days of forced starvation. He placed one hand on his belly in an attempt to quell the hunger pangs. Desperate to get something to eat, he finally resorted to sneaking into the village that lay on the outskirts of the woods. His nose, though not nearly as capable as the snouts of his four-legged brethren, easily picked up the scent of freshly smoked sausages curing in the butcher's shop. He followed the delicious aroma until he reached the village's outermost building. Still hidden by a thick growth of young fir trees, he hesitated, indecision warring with his gnawing stomach. After all, his mother had warned him about the dangers of the village and of humans when he was just a pup: Always keep your nose up and your ears perked like a good Lil' Bad Wolf...and never venture out of the woods.

He remembered the last time he had left the woods and made his way into the village. The villagers had taken one look at him and panic had ensued. The situation had deteriorated into utter chaos. The villagers suffered a near rabid fear of wolves, and with his furry brown ears and tail, he was just wolfish enough to be viewed as a threat. Possessed by that fear, they had chased him off with their torches and pitchforks.

He'd barely gotten away with his skin still intact.

He did not want a repeat of that particular incident, so he was extra careful to stay out of sight this time. He slunk into town and climbed onto the thatched roof of the butcher's house. His bare feet slipped several times on the still dew-covered straw as he negotiated the drastic angle of the roof's long overhang. A feat that would have been easier with shoes, but he had not possessed a pair since he was a pup. He'd once had a pair of stout wooden shoes, carved for him by the loving hands of his father the winter before a villager's rifle took him away. Lil' Bad Wolf had been in his thirteenth winter at the time.

He'd worn those shoes long past the time it was necessary to replace them with a better-fitted pair and had only parted with them when he'd been forced to leave them in the river after being chased out of the village. He had returned to the river later that night to look for them. When he could not find them, he realized with sadness that they had been washed downstream. Six seasons of cold had passed since he'd had coverings for his feet.

Winter was fast approaching. It was the time Lil' Bad Wolf dreaded the most. He did not possess the thick, fur coats of his four-legged counterparts. Even the fabled shifters had it better than he. At least they could transform to wear their fur on the outside rather than in.

The cold went right through his worn clothing. How he would love to have a warm coat and a pair of shoes to keep his toes from feeling the chilly nip of winter.

His stomach growled again, reminding him of more pressing matters.

Settling himself onto the roof, he cautiously peered over the edge to get a better view of the sausages that had been hung in the smokehouse to cure.

If he could just sneak past without anyone taking notice of him, he could pilfer a couple of the links. There were so many hanging there in the smokehouse. Surely the butcher would not miss one or two?

He prepared to climb down from the rooftop, but leaned over too far. His bare feet lost their footing on the steep pitch. His arms flailed in a desperate attempt to regain his balance, but he ended up tumbling over the roof's long overhang, headfirst into a water trough. He came up spewing and sputtering and gasping for air.

All of his plans to sneak into the town unnoticed evaporated when a child pointed directly at him as he clambered awkwardly out of the narrow, wooden container. The child pulled on his mother's skirts in an effort to drag her attention away from her conversation with another woman. The child's mother turned to chastise the boy for interrupting her, but then her eyes fell on Lil' Bad Wolf, and her face twisted into an ugly mixture of disgust, hatred, and fear.

Lil' Bad Wolf lowered his ears in preparation for the ear-piercing scream that was sure to come. Just as he expected, the woman let out a deafening sound that rent his ears.

"Wolf! Oh, help! There's a wolf!" the woman screeched as she hugged her child to her ample bosom. The boy waved his arms in protest as he found his face pressed into the hollow between her voluptuous breasts.

"On, please, hurry before he harms someone!" The woman cried out in a voice that grated at Lil' Bad Wolf's already much abused ears.

He frantically scrambled to run away, but his damp breeches--already two sizes too large for him--clung to his legs, impeding his rush to escape. He tripped, but managed to right himself at the last moment. Behind him, the men of the village chased after him with gardening hoes, sticks, and stones. One man pitched a palm-sized rock, but Lil' Bad Wolf managed to dodge it and it soared past him, mere inches from his head. His ear involuntarily twitched as he realized how close the rock had come to potentially cracking his skull open.

He was not as fortunate when a smaller rock caught him on his outer thigh. He bit back a yelp of pain and pushed forward until he was in the relative safety of the woods. He continued running, however, slowing only when he was certain none of the villagers were bold enough to follow him into the Black Forest.

About the series: Travel east of the sun, west of the moon until you reach a land far, far away...


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