Welcome to the Fireborn Authors' Royalty area!

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To access your author or staff royalty page, you will need to enter the following...

Build your link to the page like this... followed by first initial of pen name, first four letters of last pen name (authors who only use one name will use 5 letters of single author name), dash, last four digits of phone number you supplied on your contract, and end with .html Remember that the first initial and first letter of the last name WILL be capitalized, and URLs are case-sensitive.

Test A- Author named John Smith has a phone number of 718-555-1841.

Test B- Author named Cherlene has a phone number of 412-555-1842.

This new process allows you to build the link once and bookmark it. Whenever we load royalty reports, we will place a new link on your personal author or staff page! If you have ANY questions, email Brenna to ask for help!



Remember to use the Authors page on the main site for all information and forms you need, and many happy sales to everyone!



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